MISSION: We (and I mean myself and my team of guides, mentors, teachers, support experts,...) have made it our mission to help elevate humanity from the current culture of glorified hustle, exhaustion, disconnect, inequality, isolation, artificial solutions and unmanaged stress.


    Ever since the inception of my first business in 2011, each one of my buisinesses has always strived to help individuals to have voice, agility, and fortitude to be the change they want to see in the world. Sometimes, that required the actual, tangible doing - other times becoming.


    VISION: Inspiring collective realignment especially throught he prism of empowering women to reach, activate and reclaim their primal powers. To have more time. Their work to have more meaning. For them to enjoy a bigger experience with life. And we don't mean airy-fairy stuff: we are committed to helping them break destructive generational and cultural patterns just as we are in honoring and exalting generational powers & strenghts... And to (re)connect to the infinite grace of their higher-self and their mission. And we intend to have a ton of fun along the way.

    Why now? Because we are living in the most auspicious times, in the dawn of a new era; in the transition from old archaic rules and structures that no longer apply (aka secrecy, scarcity, systematic control) to the open, airy, and harmonious Aquarian age. And the world is finally ready and in need of all this magic!



    We believe in kindness, magic, and miracles.

    We value time and honor integrity.
    We believe that family and health come first.

    We believe in creating quality, rich, and memorable experiences.

    We believe in learning, and in the power of direct yet compassionate communication.

    We believe in unconditional love and in boundaries.

    We believe in leaps of faith and that discomfort is required for growth.

    We believe that if it's not a hell yes, it's a no.

    We believe that self-care and self-love are integral to excellence, leadership, and legacy-building.

    We believe in our clients and are fully committed to serving them at the highest level.

    We believe in creating wealth and in using its power to better the world.

    We are committed to an intentional state of change and growth.


    We are a progressive company. Integrity and equality are one of our core values. We are committed to dismantling systems that oppress and threaten safety, dignity, well-being, and opportunities of women and minorities.


    This means that these values aren’t optional for us. They are foundational for me, for our team members, and for our clients. This means that if we’re going to work together, we ought to share those values as well.


    WHY: Because lives, homes, families, dreams, tens of millions of dollars, and transgenerational, transcultural, & transdimensional legacy are on the line.


    Now, this is not just some trendy thing to say and do...


    As a former elite athlete turned business owner who’s been in the arena of high-achieving since 12 years old;

    a woman who carries inner feminine lineage and yet has tried to contort into the toxic rules of patriarchy;

    a survivor of depression and severe burnout that nearly killed me (and my business and my marriage);

    a mom to two Aquarian girls who are already concerned about the world;

    a descendant of abuse survivors, WWII resistance fighters, and women who lived ahead of their time...


    As INFJ-T/ENFJ-T, Generator with Sacral Authority, Twice Exceptional witchy ambivert, caregiver, outlaw, and ruler with Life Path 4...


    ...this work is my life's mission. (And you can find more about my lineage here.)


    What if, despite all your ambitions, goals, success, achievements, and accomplishments, you discovered that somehow, you are still hiding beneath a self-imposed glass ceiling? In exchange for the promise of security, safety, and comfort, sense of belonging, or even the access to some arbitrary power and influence?


    Or maybe you are like Te Kā from Moana - a source of life and a force of nature whose essence was disrespected. A stolen heart making you turn into bitter, angry, and exhausted woman who's trying to just survive the toxicity of wounded feminine by leading like a man would?


    It is possible! I know this because I was there, too. It's time we have a little heart-to-heart:


    The more successful you are, the less people can relate to you; few have the capacity to hold your aura and expand your already-grand vision; even fewer are willing to tell you what you need to hear - and show you the way that works for you.


    I'll be the one to listen, to hold you in higher energy, to see you in your wholeness. As your coach, mentor and confidant, I always tell my clients the truth, and will do it for you in the most loving way. In this sacred and safe space, I will also challenge and push you.

    Finally, I have personally done everything that I teach. But that's not why I teach it. I have done it because that is who I am. That's how I live. My practice is my product. And a calling.


    Interview with Natalie Marie Collins about the depths of getting hands dirty in restructuring live, love, and business; turning bravery into mastery; creation of the Intentional Impact Program - Global Experience (which has since been integrated into Your Extraordinary Expansion)and emerging as a heart-centered, intentional leader


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    "From walking away from 7-fig business to feeling alive again"

    "I was able to choose a new way. The way of freedom and creativity, faith and inspired action. The way I really want to work. I am alive. Hire Sara; trust, commit, and watch what happens as this woman does her work. Watch your life ignite- and breathe the clean air of self respect, inspiration, and confidence again. Thank you Sara."


    - Craig Gore

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    "Changed business, quality of interactions, opened new life"

    "Working with Sara was amazing, it enabled me to to collapse my previous year’s revenue into just one sale and some; it has changed my business and also had an unexpected and lovely impact on my personal life; it has put a relationship with my fiancé onto another level.

    Working on my business with Sara impacted not just my sales but also upped the quality of my interactions with my clients, gave me new openings in my life, my confidence has become more solidified and my body wants to become more healthy."


    - Kristina Court

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    "Hundreds of thousands of dollars created"

    "Sara has spent her life strategizing for CEOs to create hundreds of thousands of dollars. She knows what she's doing."


    - Rebecca T. Dickson

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    "Clear direction & space to be me"

    "You make it possible for people like me to not only play outside the box but have no box at all. And being there as a support to move through the exploration process. You offer so many levels - spiritual, energetic, psychology, physical, biz, mental, emotional. You are clear in your direction while allowing me space to be me. Extraordinary dance with extraordinary questions and extraordinary container with an extraordinary coach. So much gratitude for what just unfolded."

    - Harmony Sedona