Elite performers like us, we dream big, love deep, and live fast. We prefer to do things differently. Of course, we're unconventional mystics!


    Now, we could be really clever and funny. Stroke your ego or deep pain for taking a stand for the depth of your scars, mission of your soul, and vastness of your insights. Marvel at your accomplishments after you refused to settle for the lowest common denominator. Praise your shapeshifting in the world that finds you quite intimidating, unrelatable. Even indulge you in a voyeuristic experience into your future.


    But there is no time... Which is why you were guided to this space.

  • WHAT IF...

    ...in spite of all of your remarkable success, you are still measuring your worth with the numbers on your bank account, a scale or a watch?

    Squeezing yourself into boxes of your mom's hopes?

    Your spouse's zone of comfort?

    And strangers' expectations?

    Hiding behind the hustle and artificial busyness that's killing your dreams (and health)?

    Holding onto subservient and complacent energy?


    In exchange for the illusion of security and comfort, this sense of fitting in, the access to power & influence? Even if you don't belong (anymore)?


    One of the most fascinating dichotomies I've observed and experienced through my work with unconventional mystics, fierce powerhouses, multidimensional, empathetic beings, is the depth of the scars, vastness of love, and purpose of our Soul that drive us!


    Yet, the more successful and gifted you are, the less people can relate to you; few have the capacity to hold your aura and expand your already-grand vision; even fewer are willing to tell you what we need to hear, and be able to show you ways to call in all that is meaningful to you.


    And that's why we're here!


    Imagine what becomes possible when you stop squeezing into places & calendar spaces you've outgrown...

    Imagine who you become when you redefine success, the metrics of your worthiness, and the speed of actually living...

    Imagine what becomes available when you receive speed-dial support, safety & spaciousness to discern what truly matters to you - and go for it...


    In this boutique practice, we seamlessly integrate visionary capacity, practical mysticism, healing principles and vibrational aspects into structures, systems & sequencing of quantum strategies, and then articulate these codes of consciousness, specific steps and protocols in ways that you can gain CLARITY, embody COURAGE, expand CAPACITY. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.


    Bridge the gap between where you are, and where you ought to be












    Best results & deepest transformations emerge from an intimate setting with each client who is invited into this sacred space, ready, open and willing to commit to herself. She knows that she's being held, and is safe to fall apart. To not know until she does. To embrace & reconfigure complexities of life. And simplify them. She believes in the fire of her heart & knowing of her soul. She dares to go the distance. And to soar on her terms!


    ROI therefore transcends exceptional monetary gains, collapsed time and the ability to go a decade faster than you would on your own. It is an expansion of awareness of possibilities. And ability to play in them. Are you ready & available for it?



    Safe harbor to feel at home with life, not just exdeeding in performance

    Sacred space for 5 members, 4- and 12-month options.

    Unlock your next level of COURAGE, transcend the weight of other people's expectations and unleash the true power of your magic to transform & simplify your life. Without wasting the time & energy you already don't have, and without trying to fit into places you don't belong.
    Group & private calls, retreat, guest experts, and more. Learn more here.

    Cozy luxury to re-imagine and rewire your life in a weekend

    3-day private in-person retreat and 30-day support

    Activate deep healing, capture your big vision, and translate it into easy-to-follow-strategy with CLARITY so that you can embody its sequencing and create desired tangible & intangible outcomes.
    Facilitated in-person and paired with beautiful nature & some fun, your taste buds will be just as nourished as your body & soul.
    Learn more here.

    Sacred Space where all can be realized while feeling at home with yourself

    Private all-inclusive 12-month program.

    Be catalyzed by this exclusive experience, curated for your deep transformation and evolution towards & creation of all that matters to you... For the expansion of your CAPACITY beyond all that you did not even know was possible... And multi-dimensional results you've been getting ready for.
    VIP Days, private destination retreat, scheduled & on-demand access. Learn more here.


    I will help you feel at home with yourself, in life. To show up with conviction, trust your knowing, and alchemize mismatched fragments into being the most wholesome self. Now, if you're looking for some ra-ra glitter-and-pompoms "yes-ma'am" cheer-team, you won't find that here.

    My style & energy are that of a Bubby, holding you and your potential
    in higher energy, and seeing you in your wholeness. I tell my clients the truth in the most loving way, and will do it for you. Listening to what you're not saying, seeing the unseen, and re-imagining the possible. I will also challenge and push you so that you can expand your capacity, uplevel you to your next level, and create tangible & duplicatable results that matter to you.


    You get to choose who you are becoming. You get to decide when it's time to complete and release old identities. To surrender what no longer belongs. Indeed, it takes time...or not! That's up to you. It starts with your willingness...

      And this whole making your life your legacy thing? What if it's not the big, audacious thing you do... but the gift of becoming, of simply being you - all of you, that you can give to yourself?


      If you know this is where you're meant to be next, and are ready to emerge into the world in ways that reflect the fire of your heart, knowing of your soul, and the magic of your vision, it will be my honor to show you.