We dream big, we love deep, and we live fast. We prefer to do things differently. Of course, we're unconventional mystics!


    Now, we could be really clever and funny. Stroke your ego or deep pain for taking a stand for the depth of your scars, the mission of your soul, and the vastness of your insights. Marvel at your accomplishments after you refused to settle for the lowest common denominator. Praise your shapeshifting in the world that finds you quite intimidating, unrelatable. Even indulge you in a voyeuristic experience into your future.


    But there is no time... Which is why you were guided to this space.


    Working with Sara was amazing, she has both strategic knowledge and inner guidance to enable me to go from low sales to collapsing my previous years' revenue into just one sale and some. The process was logical and also had an unexpected and lovely impact on my personal life; my fiance was utterly proud of my accomplishments which has put our relationship onto another level. - Kristina C.


    Sara, the co-creation, synergy efficiencies, and dynamic you establish, transcend simple productivity gains, financial gains, and cost-saving (which alone are worth the investment and pretty much pay for it), and bring a whole new dimension into your client's life, business, boardroom, home. - Gerry B.


    Sara, you embody the expertise that represents wisdom derived from past pain. You have the ability to share this wisdom from the depths of your heart, and I believe this is crucial for healing the hearts of humanity. Many people have built walls around their emotions, making it difficult for them to feel and establish connections. Your presence and insights are greatly appreciated. Thank you for being you. - Tanja