Application to work together in mentoring capacity is below.


    I am so happy that you're here, and look forward to learning more about you. Take the time completing this application - which in itself is a transformative experience. Your answers are safe with me, they will not be shared.


    Also, some questions might feel uncomfortable but I encourage you to be as open and honest as you can; we'll do some epic work together, and this is the only way for me to see whether I can/should take you on as a client.


    Upon reviewing your application, I'll be in touch to set up a quick call during which we'll assure that we're indeed a good fit, and take care of formalities so that we can welcome you aboard.

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    How would you prefer to be supported? *
    Choosing one does not automatically enroll you. Together, we will determine the right fit and assure you are indeed ready for it.
    Why is now the time to work together? *
    And what excites you about it? Also, what concerns or fears about the process of coaching, consulting, healing you might have?
    Having me by your side is... *
    What would make our work a success? *
    What would you like to have accomplished and experienced as the result of my mentorship? Immediately, in short- and long-term?
    What would it mean to you? *
    And for your well-being, your home, your family, relationships? Your work? Your legacy play?
    This is a significant investment... *
    ...and it requires commitment of time, energy, old beliefs, and money (exchange currently starts at $9K). If selected and we agree to work together, do you...
    On a scale 1-15, how open are you to... *
    ...doing this work mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically?
    What happens if you don't do this? *
    Anything else you would like me to know?
    How did you hear about us? *
    We are a progressive company *
    Integrity, time, family, equality, and women empowerment are one of our core values. We are committed to doing out best helping to dismantle systems that oppress and threaten safety, dignity, well-being, and opportunities of women and minorities. This means that if we’re going to work together, we should share these values. Do we?

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