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4 amplifiers of exponential results

When I decided (yes, it was a single decision made day after day) to get out of the downward spiral of postpartum depression, the burnout cycle, and the disconnect from successful business that I had simply outgrown...

...I had to release, rethink, redefine, and recreate many rules, and learn (how to) simultaneously keep several balls up in the air so that none would turn into an anchor, weighing it all down.

And that same holistic 360-approach (now part of my integrated method) is elevating my clients to their next-level new-normal intentional living, business, leadership, impact.

Why does it work like a charm, and how does it produce such radical transformations and exponential & lasting results at rapid speed?

[It is especially effective with those powerhouse conscious achievers who already have tremendous success but are still caged by their upper (conscious and subconscious) upper limits, ineffective and misaligned business model that's robbing them of time, sanity, freedom (and let's face it, at the premium price of unfulfilling relationships and guilt-fueled parenting). I know for I once was there, too.]

Well, the answer may surprise you:

1. Because I am not your guru.

Leveraging my MBA-level of expertise when it comes to understanding how businesses work in all their complexities, we bring advanced simplicity into yours in your own way, with integrity and joy that transforms your clients' lives.

2. Because I am not your typical coach.

Tapping into my divine gifts of intuition and channeling, we reconnect your newly-found genius, deep desires, vision beyond vision, and customized aligned actionable strategies.

3. Because I am not your cheerleader.

Bringing international high-performance mentality into our work, we untame your inner lioness, shatter the shackles of old programming, and open your leaps cage with truth, ease and grace.

4. Because I am not your conventional role model.

Being a mom to two crystal globetrotting children and a wife in bi-cultural marriage myself, we shift your paradigms around success, commitment, freedom, and self-love into your most powerful, sustainable, and scalable success strategy that makes your life your legacy.

There are several way to conclude this post - from the ra-ra-you-can-do-it motivational speech,
to directly telling you to apply for a consultation call,
to asking you an emotion-evoking question...

...I will keep it simple:

You know what you want.
You know you're worthy of it.
You know what to do. You know it's time.