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Are you holding back because you're afraid that you're too much?

“Oh, isn’t this like having a living wall in front of you? Can you even see the stage” my grandma asked a group of guys standing behind us at a gathering - while I tried to simply evaporate due to sheer embarrassment and discomfort.
Even at 16 or 17 (or however old I was at the time), I knew she didn’t really mean it. I knew she was joking. I knew she loved me.
She still does. And, she still does and says stuff like that. Now I just laugh and love her.
And here’s the thing.
The 6 feet and 1 inch of me that I now carry with pride (and would enhance with a comfortable pair of handmade red Italian heels any chance that I got)…
…once felt like standing out from the crowd like a sore thumb.
Pants were never long enough. Boys were too short for my liking. Photographers asked me to go to the back. Strangers on streets secretly glanced up.
Even classmates in a gym class complained - apparently running with long legs takes less effort?
Basketball ultimately became a place where I found refuge.
My height was accepted, desired, and required.
And, I was pretty damn good at it!
I went on to create great successes in various areas of my life and business, but it took all of me - it nearly killed me (before a whole new world of ease, grace, flow, and joy reviled itself).
Lean in.
What I am about to share can literally put you on a whole new trajectory in life, business, love, work…
It can literally mean life-or-death to someone out there!
See, I internalized all of those looks, remarks, and assumptions, and kept holding myself back for many years (decades, actually)!
I had no capacity to allow myself to go all-out.
To fully express myself.
To fully enjoy myself.
Not even ask for what I desired.
(And when I did, it tended to come across too blunt, fierce, masculine. Ah.)
There was always this whisper “watch it now, don’t embarrass yourself, don’t fail… eyes are on you!”
Yup, mind does some funny things despite all the numbers on a scoreboard, in school report card, or business bank account!
(Not even a soulmate husband who stands taller than me and loves me with all his being helped much!)
And, going through all the glorious life experiences with one foot on a brake activated a counter-reaction. An addicting and very distracting habit!
Let me know if you recognize this pattern, if it resonates, feels familiar, or sounds like you:
Pushing yourself even harder, learning and absorbing so much, all fueled by the addicting & distracting need to prove yourself, to justify your decisions, to defend your desires because you dare to think, dream, and play bigger?
Shutting off your phone at night along with your emotions and desires as you fall asleep unfulfilled, untouched, and unsatisfied, again, even when your soulmate is right next to you?
Holding yourself back, dimming your light, restraining yourself from pleasure and reward to keep peace with those you love the most because you are afraid you're too much, unable to handle success, or afraid to run out of energy to sustain it?
You are far from alone!
And yet, to those around you, you are love and light! A powerful creator, unstoppable and fierce leader, source of inspiration, wisdom and guidance!
We both know how fucking strong, wicked smart, talented, capable you are, with this incredible vision and an impeccable sense of intuition to know what's calling you forth!
So what gives?
It is not your fault that despite all of this awareness, all the work you’ve already done, you are still pulling off the impossible, and gasping for air because you know deep down that this is not what excites you anymore - but you're afraid to stop, to alienate yourself, or fear the mess of this space-in-between!
(I’ve had 7-figure business powerhouses break down in tears of relief when I showed them that there indeed is a better, more fulfilling, and easier way!)
It is not your fault that you are still shouldering the weight of responsibilities for the empire you have built, the one that is now sucking your soul, robbing you of the precious time with your kids, requiring you to manage a team that’s driving you crazy and costs you a fortune!
(I’ve helped CEOs double their vacation and free time, while multiplying their business revenues & profits, money to invest, and cash donate.)
You can BECOME, CREATE, HAVE, CONTRIBUTE, and EXPERIENCE everything that is important to you, without compromising what matters the most.
But, it is your responsibility to let your past and reality-makers (your parents, circumstances, environments, teachers, bosses,…) off the hook!
First and foremost.
If you are still here and reading this, let’s have heart-to-heart:
Chances are that I don’t know you, your story, your dreams and vision.
Chances are also that you and I are much alike.
And with that, I know that you are not the one to be shackled and tamed, unsatisfied and unfulfilled, unseen and unheard, filtered and exhausted from hiding beneath self-imposed glass ceiling in exchange for the promise of peace, security, safety, and comfort, this sense of belonging, or even for the access to some arbitrary power, and influence.
Not anymore.
Actually, if we are honest - you never really were...
You are not a stranger to walking away from what no longer serves you, the life and dreams you’ve outgrown, either...
In fact, you are not a stranger to making leaps of faith, playing into limitless possibilities, and going all-in! You make things happen.
When you move, mountains follow, remember?
This is why I won’t insult your intelligence with some cute affirmations, journaling prompts, or 3-step strategic outline I once used to...
What I will suggest is this:
At some point, words cannot capture the sparkle of your eyes, the essence of your heart's knowing, the power of your soul's calling, the magic of your energetic vibration, or the truth of your highest being.
We feel.
We trust.
We know.
We embody.
And at that point, masterfully integrated transformational mentoring, quantum strategies AND tactical & practical brilliance (infused with high-level mindset work, intuitive guidance, ancient wisdom, and some magic) come to play.
But it doesn't happen by accident!
If you are ready to access your supreme knowledge, to supercharge your multi-dimensional powers & gifts, to radically upgrade your life, and to do your best work and impact the world - NOW - and know you want me by your side, let’s do it.
There are a several ways in which I can personally support and guide you, so reach out and we’ll find the right one for you.