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Burst open (again) and letting the light shine

· Mindset,Intentional Living

When you are thiiiiiiiiiis close to bursting open again and letting your light shine
in all its mightiness... It's not that you are a highly-accomplished
woman who's moving the lines of possible and who has already achieved
more than most people ever will.

It's just that you can feel how somewhere along the way, you lost yourself. That fire? That energy? That knowing?

Layers of other people's toxicity, weight of expectations, and pressure of all
responsibilities accumulated on the surface, totally dulling your

I remember my spiritual teacher explaining how this is like a "treasured Buddha statue that was covered in clay by the
villagers to keep it from being raided, destroyed or stolen by the

Except in your case, it was it was because of just how powerful you [were]. Because you [were] too much...

"As a basketball player, were you nice? Or were you percentage of nice, and also unstoppable?" the Teacher asked me then.

It brought back memories... I was nice. And I tried. And I pushed. Then, I learned how to tap into, activate and hold this power.

With it, I could simply walk on the court and my presence was felt. I would hear
whispers from the opponent's bench "Crap, she's here. We're done."

This is not about me being a basketball player.

It's about that charge of getting ready to get ready to reclaim your power...
...and to know you're thiiiiiiiiiis close to bursting open again and letting the light shine in all its mightiness.

If this is where you are, and you're ready for a REMARKABLE EXPANSION, it would be my honor to help.