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Key Shifts to Open the Currently-Invisible Doors

Why you won't be able to sell a $2,500 service when you're meant to serve at $25,000 level?
Same reason why you'll struggle to sell the $25k one when your clients are looking to invest $250k in themselves.

Because a Maserati buyers won't shop for Toyota.

"Know your gifts & purpose & own it!" echoes in the coaching circles left and right with the intention of helping experts and service providers piece together their business models and pricing strategies... and I am sure you have heard it before.

Unfortunately, repeating this mantra and journaling alone will not catapult you on to the level where your born-to-work-with clients are already seeking you.

And unfortunately, that's easier said than done.

See, making an impact, creating intentional living, serving clients at the highest level no longer in about slapping an extra zero to your price point.

It's no longer about packing everything and the kitchen sink in a single package in hope to create "the complete solution" that would justify such investment.

And, it's no longer about the stories you keep choosing to believe.

If you're ready to truly move though and out of your current hamster wheel, and if you want to use your highest-level service, can-do-this-in-sleep brilliance, and fits-like-a-glove business (model) as your initial catapult onto the level of your true dreams and desires...

...then these are some serious myths you need to bust, and lies you need to stop telling yourself first:

1. "It's too expensive. I can't afford this."

2. “Where I live, and for the work I do… nobody will pay me that much.

3. "The value of our gifts & expertise is determined by what people are willing to pay.

4. “I can get the results but can’t guarantee everyone will get them since in the end, it’s really up to them, so I can’t charge that much.

5. “I am not here to save, but to serve, but I have never heard anyone say ‘I only serve rich people...'"

6. “I am in a transition, I am shifting how I do things so... I need to start back at the beginning…

7. “I have not created that same level for myself, so I feel like an imposter. Despite the consistent results I get for my clients. When I do, I will feel more confident…

Over the years, I have heard all of these in all sorts of variations from different business and experts with different backgrounds and levels of expertise.

While bringing my clients out on the other side of these seemingly-mighty mountains is a part of what I do, and you can message me and ask how I can help you, too.

But to get you a heard-start, I invite you to unpack a couple of things right here, right now:

1. You can't or you won't?

2. Are those assumptions you are holding on so tightly proven?

3. Do you have data to support them? Or are they just beliefs that, ultimately, don’t serve you neither the market that desperately needs you but can’t find you...

Stop hiding behind your own insecurities, stories, and false constructs of what “service” should look like because you are not here to save anyone.

Your job is to show up and serve from your highest levels; pricing strategies and service ladder development are then created free of lack & scarcity mentality but from abundance & wealth consciousness.

Remember, through your services, you ultimately support yourself (what do you need & truly desire to receive in exchange for your brilliance?); your business (what does it need to sustain, to grow?); and your clients (what do they need to show up, and take this seriously enough to do the work it takes?)

That's why the only limitation is your own mind... play too small, potential clients will ignore you; slap a zero or two on the fee without the right frame of mind, you won’t be able to sell nor deliver (consistently).

And to put this into a context: I take my clients from $150/hr to $15k/mo/clients & from $10k months to $125k sales within days and weeks; we add $340k to their bottom line within 90 days; and I have made same leaps myself.

It's not just about numbers & ego. It’s much more complex that we make it into super simple.

So, the stuff you have been taught and told... and honestly - what you have been doing thus far... is NOT what creates 3-day workweeks...reignites those sparkles in your eyes...turn the world into your background... while 10x-ing your take-home amounts (without 10x-ing your headaches & expenses) in a sustainable and fulfilling way.
It can be simple...