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Making the unthinkable possible

· Mindset,Intentional Living

Chestnut trees are a staple of historic towns like ours, and their blossoms quite an art, a beautiful backdrop to wild flowers that are rotating across the fields; from purple crocuses and white snowdrops to bright yellow dandelions, we'll now be transitioning to fields full of daisies. And later in year, we'll be chestnut picking which is, along with mushroom foraging, also quite a tradition. Something I missed greatly in New York.


And that's the thing so familiar to our abilities to create, live, and enjoy the life we truly want... Turning the unthinkable into possible...


There are seasons to our lives. When ready, our visions and our knowings will emerge and become a reality. Well, if we're in the right place. Let me offer this something.


Sometimes working with a mentor like myself comes at a time when you require clarity to simply plant the seed.

Just the other day, a former client shared how their long-time vision of living on a farm, surrounded by an apple orchard, and with breathtaking views, has been realized… And it’s been realized in a way they could not have even imagined. It was 3 years ago when we actively immersed in that visioning, activated deep healing, and made first steps towards its realization.


Sometimes, working with a mentor like myself comes at a time when you require an extra dose of courage to make the first step.

About two years ago, my phone rang and on the other side was a friend, a client, shaking. “I did it!” They told their loved ones that they would be moving. It was done. “They wished me good luck. And here I was, delaying this decision for years because I thought they would get really upset with me… Thank you for holding me!” (That was the third relocation I had helped to facilitate at the time, a few more followed. Maybe there’s a theme there? Hold that thought.)


Sometimes, working with a mentor like myself comes at a time when you require support with expanding your capacity to actually receive, hold, and maneuver that which you’ve been calling in.

Not many people will openly and honestly tell you this, but making the first step is far easier than seeing it all through day-to-day...

When shit hits the fan and you are not sure it could actually work out...(Changing your energetic vibration will actually cause quite a mayhem around you until it all recalibrates or gets released, and that can be scary - and confusing).

When nothing seems do be changing, and you are tempted to just give up and revert back to what once was...(Can you trust that the work is done in the Ethers, your 3D world just needs to catch up?)

When you finally “get it” only to realize it’s much more, much different than what you expected. Or way too much and you’re starting to fall sideways - or your marriage does, or your career/business.

And especially, when this vacuum and/or identity crisis occurs… Achieved this, built that, won here, done there… Now what?!?!


Just an athletic side note - being an underdog in sports and winning unexpectedly is cool and all. But to remain on top year after year, when everyone else brings their best shot against you? Now we’re talking. That’s the mastery we’re playing at. Arrogance? Unrelatability? Elitism? Nah, just boundaries, priorities, self love, awareness, and spaciousness that clarity, courage, and capacity command. But I digress.


Back to marveling at chestnut trees from the terrace of our new home in Slovenia…


Sometimes, working with a mentor like myself helps you understand and optimize your environment.

Inability to turn your most audacious dream into reality OR simply make an incremental change in your daily routine (that would ultimately alter the course of your life) is not necessarily for your lack of clarity, courage, or capacity… It’s not for your lack of healing, mindset work, strategic plans, and diligent follow-through.

Maybe you’re just in the wrong place? In the [relationship, business, job, career, fill-in-the-blank] that you've outgrown? Climbing up the wrong ladder?

Yes, even and especially when where you are feels so easy, obvious, familiar. And yet - draining in a way, requiring of you remarkable effort, discipline, commitment, and mental & emotional gymnastic just to keep your head above the water…


It's not a coincidence that each next step aligns the moment we commit to taking it, no matter what.

For example, it's not a miracle that the previously-unthinkable (living, career, schooling, business) opportunities became possible for us once we decided to move - and have actually followed though - from the USA to my European hometown.

Now, you know in your heart & soul what feels expansive, elating, exciting, energizing to you… Claim it with courage and you’re third-way there.