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Reflecting on my evolution as a coach & the evolution of the industry

· Intentional Leader

My first memories of coaching others go back to my early teen years! Most often, it was my teammates and even my own coaches who would turn to me for help.

It all felt so natural, so easy, but I had no idea that coaching (beyond the athletic arena) was even a ting! An actual profession.

So, naturally curious and I good writer, I studied journalism instead. And after that, some serious business.

So when I first started my business in 2011, I served as a consultant, and provided done-for-you business services. 

I was the straterist who offered solutions. The brains who had the answers. 

But I realized that eventhough clients - busy business owners, executive women - came to me because they wanted more free time, earn more with less work, make greater impact, have more flexibility,...

...that was oftentimes just a symptom. A distraction, even. Perhaps their security blanket.

It was time to massively upgrade my coaching skills - among many others.

As I has hired the best coaches also for my own personal development, I fell in love with coaching all over again.

The great variety of tools I now have at my disposal have helped me serve my clients much better. And address the core issues. To create radical transformation with sustainable outcomes.

See, I have the honor of getting to know all the parts of my clients - the parts even their spouses did not. Parts they themselves were unaware of. The parts they did not like (much less love).

The world might have celebrated their 7-fig launch, or selling of a company, or yet another massive live event.

Or marveled at their 30-year marriage. 

Or envyed their picture-perfect live-wherever-whenever lifestyle. 

But I got to be there with them, and see all of them. 

On the proverbial floor, in fetal position. Crying. 

Not wanting to go on. Not knowing how to go on. 

Not feeling enough. Feeling frustrated because no matter how much they did, it never seemed to be enough. 

Or because it was all coming together too slowly as these visionary leaders live fast!

Some were missing their kids. Others resenting their partners, unable to even see and receive them fully.

(In some cases, all of the above.)

And, I got to see that smile, the spark in their eyes, thet spring in their step reemerge. 

Along with new clarity. Energy. Mindset.

I still love coaching. And consulting. And healing, channeling, etc...

Yes, the industry as a whole is quite a mess right now, a beautiful mess, but I celebrate the shakeups. 

I welcome whatever is coming that will ultimately create better, safer environment for our clients. Society. Environment. 

Indeed, we are seeing the underbelly, we are finally exposing the parts we don't love.

And I am honored to be a part of it all.

A part of my clients' journey. 

And that of their families. Businesses.