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The secret to intentional living, business by design, impact, and freedom


Blazing the trail, creating intentional living, business by design, making lasting impact - heck, even strengthening marriage and deepening connections... it requires decisions, tough ones at times. Uncomfortable ones.

And that's only the easy part.

Making a decision but staying put without acting on it...does not solve the problem you "decided" to solve. All it does is keeping your mind entertained and ego busy believing you're doing something about it.

Because in reality, all you are really doing is staying comfortable, waiting to be granted a permission, remaining the victim of circumstance, stuck in old patterns, still buying into your old story, prisoner of your own fears and doubts.

Of course waiting for that one-day-when [insert the thing that needs to happen in order for you to...] seems logical, convenient.

But the thing is that the 95% of your mind that you're not even aware of also has this ability to energetically create the reality that simply matches what's going on inside of you.
So if you choose to wait, worry, then you will be given plenty opportunities to keep doing so.

But when you choose to break the cycle, to step up, to show up for the highest version of yourself, that's the first leap out of the shackles and onto the next level and into your new realty.

Of course it's scary, uncomfortable, and will be met with disapproval from those who are supposed to love and care about you the most...

But your daring to do it anyway is what separates the good from the great.

And that's what the "secret ingredient" of intentional living, business by design, impact, and freedom that you say you're after.