How to re-imagine the possible, breathe in small moments & feel at home in life (PDF & Video)

    Transcend the weight of other people's expectations and unleash the true power of your magic

    Experience my mentoring, listen to a call with a client (shared with their permission)


    Imagine what it means to be able to breathe in small moments, to create from the field of vibrational certainty.

    Imagine experiencing a deeper connection and more intimacy in relationships with others, especially with yourself.

    Imagine effortlessly flowing through life commitments, enjoying time with family & friends, and doing what inspires you.

    Imagine raising your standards, living a well-rounded life, and feeling deeply loved, and fully supported.

    What difference would it make for you, your home, and your career to have the tools & ability to create this all without topping over all that you've worked so hard to achieve...

    ...without alienating people & self-sacrificing in the name of results, responsibilities, and reputation?

    ...without KPI-ing and outperforming your way into acceptance and illusion of safety, proximity to power?

    ...without compartmentalizing and burning out to feel worthy and deserving?


    Anything and everything is possible when you shift paradigms of exceptional achievement


    Lep pozdrav, my name is Sara, and I have been an elite performer my whole life. Over the past 25+ years, I've worked with, learned from, and mentored mission-driven leaders in sports, business, corporate, and at home as a former international elite basketball player turned strategist, transformational mentor, master life & certified mindset coach, and healer.


    Yet, my proudest accomplishment is that I actually have really good relationships with the people I love. I feel at home with myself, in my life! I am a devoted mom to two Contemporary Mystics, and a wife exalted in my husband's love. A proud homemaker holding two homes and two cultures; Slovenia-native and a New Yorker of 18 years, now making my medieval European hometown our new home. My family loves and supports me, and we're living an unconventional life of pursuing our dreams & higher purpose, together.


    This is not about teaching you the concepts, formulas, or fragmented life hacks. It's not about helping you achieve more in the typical high-performance fashion. In fact, quantum leaping can be quite toxic when your life, relationships, and health are deteriorating because you're always on purpose but running on empty!


    If you are here for something different, I am here to walk beside you. To guide you through this circulatis soul's journey, with the capacity to help you understand the multidimensional layers and blend all the pieces together in the most pragmatic ways. So that you can create timelessness and spaciousness to reimagine the possible. So that you can become available for your next level, deepest purpose, heart's desires & the most audacious dreams to emerge through you.

    This is my life's work expressed in a boutique practice, delivered through an intimate level of support and personalized guidance to help you build the bridge between where you are and where you are called to be.


    My current signature offerings. Reach out for other arrangements, speaking, workshops.



    A trimester during which you unlock your next level of COURAGE to transcend the weight of other people's expectation. To reclaim the true power of your magic. To come home to yourself. Your deepest dreams. Truths. Desires. To feel nourished. To concieve a whole new relationship with yourself. That's where you transform from unrelatable to unstoppable.



    Activate deep healing, capture your vision, and translate it all into aligned strategic plan with CLARITY. Facilitated in-person in the Alpine Slovenia, this is cozy luxury where the crisp air & blueness of the sky, the spirit of the pine forests & pristine waters relax, ground and nourish you. Immersed in the rebirthing energy so different from any tropical island, you can see new possibilities with your eyes and feel them in your soul. Fortified with additional 30-day private mentoring following the immersion.



    Create spaciousness you desire and expand the CAPACITY to create, receive & hold what you once could only dream about. Play in limitless possibilities. In this sacred space, you will be catalyzed beyond all that you did not even know was available. To evolve towards all that matters to you. For the ones you love the most. In meaningful ways.

  • Great people to work with are hard to find these days. Sara is an excellent resource and someone you can depend on. She can help you get to the bottom of who you have to become to get where you want to go. It's a question with many deep layers to the answer. - Linda Lopeke

    Well you can add a new testimonial to your skill sets...You are a superb coach in the ethers. You have been coaching me all afternoon. You opened me up to like hey I can and want to do this damn it!

    Not only are your words like energy healing, there is a rhythm that dissolves pain, fear, and each sentence to give us the ability to focus on that’s next. To give us something specific to focus on, to move forward, even drawn new perspectives, ideas, answers, possibilities out of them. Sara, you give a completely different framework and concepts to work with & play in! So after 25 years of working on this thing, it finally bloomed in all its magic. You held the space to help make this happen. Believed when I forgot to believe. You never gave up when I was ready to do so. And you did this not only in person but energetically. I am excited to be me again. Replenished, refreshed, playing in the vision that is asking to be born. - Harmony S.

    I closed my 7 figure business. I moved across the country, full of hope and expectation. I had 2 coaches at the time I hired Sara. I wrote a five figure check for a month’s intensive. She lit me on fire. I was able to choose a new way. They way of freedom and creativity. The way of faith and inspired action. They way I really want to work. My heart is sprouting green again. I am alive. I have a reinvented relationship to myself and my work and most of all my living. The past is sleep, and part of my glorious way forward. Work is becoming play. I have new clients, I am getting paid the fees I deserve. And I am worth it.


    Hire Sara, but only if you are ready to surrender EVERYTHING that doesn’t belong. Trust, commit, and watch what happens as this woman does her work. She is absolutely fearless, unflinching, courageous, wise, insightful, intuitive. Watch your life ignite- and breathe the clean air of self respect, inspiration, and confidence again. - Craig Gore

    Sara, the co-creation, synergy efficiencies, and dynamic you establish, transcend simple productivity gains, financial gains, and cost-saving (which alone are worth the investment and pretty much pay for it), and bring a whole new dimension into your client's life, business, boardroom, home. - Gerry B.

    I trust Sara implicitly and I don't know where my business would be without her. - Vanessa Simpkins


    This is high-level work grounded in 38 years of cross-continental life experience, core teachings of my lineage, and intuitive guidance. Plus 20,000+ hours of training, practice & certifications, solid business background, and 11 years-worth of entrepreneurial insights from working with clients from around the world.


    I know what it takes to welcome new beginnings. To navigate life-altering decisions in ways that don't disappoint. To love & be loved. To play into the unknown. I know how to move from manifesting & willing your goals into the spaciousness of simply being a facilitator.

    Now I am here for you. To help you navigate the dichotomy of vivid visioning & feeling trapped. Innate knowing & self-doubt. Pissed-off-level of determination & surrendering into faith. To simplify complexities and make sense in chaos. To reflect on what's true, reinvent yourself, rearrange pieces, rewrite stories and rebuild a home, revive a deeper meaning of work, realign and transform your life.


    All while breaking boundaries and rewriting the rules of living.

  • Everything I teach I have experienced and built for myself...


    ...while RSVP-ing to this sense of deeper purpose that comes from the energetic initiations, activations, and core teachings of my Ancient Lineages which I am now emerging in contemporary ways & times as a...

    • Witchy ambivert, INFJ-T & 3/5 Sacral Authority Generator healed from depression, burnout, and Dark Night of the Soul
    • Feminist hailing from magical women and WWII resistance fighters who lived ahead of their times
    • Published author in a love affair with mountains and the sea
    • Fast driver who never sticks to a recipe, and my-hooman to 3 furry rescues
    • Team Captain of the Slovenian National at the European Championship, recruited to NCAA D-1
    • Slovenia-native and a New Yorker of 18 years, living my mission & walking my talk (barefeet or in heels despite being 185cm tall)
    • Visionary powerhouse who moved my family from the Lower Hudson Valley in New York back to my medieval hometown Škofja Loka in Slovenia


    Working with Sara was amazing, she has both strategic knowledge and inner guidance to enable me to go from low sales to collapsing my previous years' revenue into just one sale and some. The process was logical and also had unexpected and lovely impact on my personal life; my fiance was utterly proud of my accomplishments which has put our relationship onto another level. - Kristina C.


    I learned that reaching out for support can pay off huge! Super thanks to the amazing Sara who absolutely rocked my world in one afternoon full of magical insights and solid advice! When student is ready, the teacher appears! - Johanna G.


    Within a 2-weeks with Sara, I was able to hone in on the client sectors in which I wanted to focus my consulting practice. Together, we worked through my unique sales process and pricing structure, discussed personal and revenue goals, and even brainstormed some innovative ways to pitch my value prop and increase my close rate beyond 80%. I began implementing the strategy immediately and saw the results instantly (quite literally, the next day). I had been leaving money on the table (trading hours for dollars) and undervaluing my worth to clients. If you're on the fence as to whether or not to invest in Sara's expertise, the [Audit & VIP Day] is a valuable entrance. You may just decide to retain her on an ongoing basis to keep you on track! - Kelly C.


    Thank you Sara for seeing what I couldn't. I am still crying an hour later, I didn't even know there was a thing there. Thank you for finding it. Also, thank you for holding space for me. You are one of the few people I can let my guard down for.

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