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    Safe harbor to feel at home in life, not just exceeding in performance

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    If you want to emerge from the shadows of other people's expectations, arbitrary busyness and the weight of success to transform your life, harmonize your home, simplify work, I invite you to consider this!


    See, the more successful and gifted you are, the less people can relate to you. But the main questions is, can you relate to yourself? Can you be in the stillness of your presence? Can you play in the intimacy of your own feelings and emotions? Can you feel at home with your body and in your life?

    As elite performers, driven achievers, and accomplished leaders, we are trained to push through. To compartmentalize. To leverage the needed and suppress the rest. To exhaust ourselves to the point where we don't even know who we are anymore, much less what is that we really, trully want.


    It's time to revolutionize the meaning of being unrelatable and unstoppable!


    If you're feeling that you can't do this much longer, no matter how epic you are at what you do...
    If you yearn to deepen relationships with those you love instead of alienating them...
    If you long for spaciousness, timelessness. limitlessness to fully enjoy what life has to offer...


    ...It's time you reclaim your power and the audacity of your dreams... It's time for simplified and harmonized complexities of life... Your higher truth. So that you can show up in ways you did not think were possible. In life. At home. In bedroom. In boardroom.


    Can you simply expect the unexpected?


    I am excited to offer 11+ years of insights from working with premier private clients from around the world & 25+ years of my own cross-continental experience as an elite athlete turned business owner, mom and homemaker, to facilitate and guide a group of five multihyphenated women who are ready for more softness. Spaciousness. Intimacy. For something different. Not performative but real, raw, deep. Unconventional.

    By integrating visionary capacity, practical mysticism, and healing principles & vibrational aspects to into structures, systems and sequencing of lifestyle architecture, business design, time mastery, mental brilliance, and soul streaming, we will help you to:

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    Identify your unrelatable advantage & your unique rhythm

    The thing you were taught to hold back, is actually your accelerating button. Do you know how to intentionally activate it?


    Determine your energetic blueprint & unapologetic daily application

    When you're an unconventional being, you glow differently when you ditch the need for external validation. How do make that shift?


    Dissolve physical, mental, emotional and energetic bottlenecks, gaps and leaks that hold you back

    Transforming busy, feeling exhausted, uninspired, even the money flow, goes beyond scheduling and mindset. Can you allow it to be simple and easy?

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    Refine what being unrelatable truly means to you and emerge your superpowers that are meant to serve you

    This right here requires badass bravery because it can get worse before it gets better. Are you ready to play in a new paradigm?


    Upgrade your mindset, re-calibrate energy, and realign your strategic & tactical pieces

    Each new level brings around a new devil, they say. What tools do you want to master and use for the rest of your life?


    Show up in life, at work, in home, in relationships in ways that carry out your fire-in-the-belly mission

    Walking the talk will impact those around you as well, and you can't know how. Are you willing to commit to yourself regardless?

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    Receive support, accountability, think-tank, feedback, encouragement

    Knowing that you're not alone, is a game-changer. Having an honest mirror and accountability is, too. Can you handle it?


    Deeply transform & level up your life, harmonize home, deepen relationships, simplify work, leave a legacy

    Trust in trust, faith in faith, as they say. Are you willing to be intentional about calling it in, holding & maneuvering it all?


    Become truly unstoppable in the most meaningful and authentic-to-you way

    It sounds like a tall order but you didn't come that far to sit it out, to wait for maybe a better time or do be ready. Did you?


    WHAT YOU'LL GET in this micro-mastermind/coaching hybrid are: bi-weekly live calls + recordings. Private coaching. Voxer/text SOS access. Library of resources. Guest experts. Accountability. Networking. Time & space for integration. In-person celebration retreat. And more.


    Imagine... where would you like to be a year from now? Who do you need to (un)become?


    A year might feel like a long time to commit to, especially in these rapidly-changing environments. When we know time is just an illusion. And when we live in leaps and bounds. Sure we can make rapid seismic shifts, and quantum leap you into a whole new trajectory in just a fraction of time!


    But deep transformation, meaningful solutions, fuflilling life beyond hard-core KPIs... Whether that's untaming your inner lioness and bringing your vision and mission to life... or finding your own voice and courage to slow down... It takes incremental steps, commitment of time, energy and focus. It requires spaciousness for activations, embodiment, integration. And it requires you to transform from feeling unrelatable to unstoppable. That's what is offered in the sacred space of this premier group!


    We don't know what this time together can bring to you; how far you'll be ready to go, or how much rest and re-calibration you'll require. Or what results become truly meaningful and important to you.


    No two journeys are the same, and results do not look one way. What is the one thing you know that would help to turn your life around? What is the vision you're holding, waiting for you on the other side of this transformation?


    ✔️ Feeling seen, heard, understood, embraced

    ✔️ Gaining much-desired clarity and stepping forward with confedence and convicion

    ✔️ Imbibing being worthy of your desires, love, belonging

    ✔️ Protecting your time & energy with fierce grace and free of guilt

    ✔️ Dissolving limiting beliefs and old programming

    ✔️ Saying NO without shame... and YES without resistence

    ✔️ Scheduling more "me" time & leaving actual empty spaces on your calendar (even when it seems impossible)

    ✔️ Trusting your own unique design & using it to your advantage

    ✔️ Designing your days and weeks with your rhythm (and not against it)

    ✔️ Spending more time with loved ones, fully present

    ✔️ Changing your relationship to things you can't change (yet)

    ✔️ Reaching into the depths of your knowing with greater certainty

    ✔️ Operating from vibrational certainty (even when the world goes sideways)

    ✔️ Rewriting your past experience to reach for new heights

    ✔️ Casting energetic projections for the future you want (and giving you exact marching orders when needed)
    ✔️ Alchemizing your source of pain and shame into undeniable strength and superpower

    ✔️ Getting your questions answered and ideas brainstormed in shortcuts & with honesty

    ✔️ Having the courage to follow your heart (not just when it feels easy and fun)

    ✔️ Embracing change & having the right tools to discern, dissolve, redirect fears, resistance, old programming
    ✔️ Healing towards your highest calling, soul's mission, and life's purpose

    ✔️ Reclaiming your power and the command of your time

    ✔️ Easing into bed at night (and sleeping peacefully without a 3:30am anxiety attack)

    ✔️ Relaxing on the desired vacation (without coming back to a shitstorm in inbox and calendar)

    ✔️ Charging your worth as a business owner and getting paid on time

    ✔️ Being paid your worth as a career woman without busting your ass off at your demise

    ✔️ Working with higher awareness and greater variety of tools at your disposal

    ✔️ Walking into a room with a whole new energy

    ✔️ Building out the next stage of your business (yes, finally)

    ✔️ Growing it down to what you've always wanted (but responsibilities and reputation got the best of you...)

    ✔️ Upgrading your flights, hotels, reservations (because, of course)

    ✔️ Celebrating micro-steps on your way to quantum leaps (that are already queued)

    ✔️ Imagining new possibilities where there seemed to be none

    ✔️ Moving forward even when you're scared and the world seems to be falling sideways

    ✔️ Knowing exactly what your next steps are (even if they don't make sense in the moment)

    ✔️ Co-creating with the Universe/higher self

    ✔️ Asking for more with greater ease
    ✔️ Sharpening your edges and softening into receiving more

    ✔️ Giving yourself what you desire (without triggering old traumas)

    ✔️ Deserving what you desire

    ✔️ Maneuvering it all with grace (without sacrificing your sanity, time with kids, energy for your love)

    ✔️ Elevating perspectives & shifting paradigms

    ✔️ Writing & publishing that book at last

    ✔️ Owning your brilliance, your gifts, and your magic

    ✔️ Celebrating life, always and in all ways

    ✔️ Transforming from unrelatable to unstoppable

    ✔️ ...and so much more

  • WHY NOW?

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    Hi, I am Sara, transformation mentor, master life coach, and certified mindset expert with strategic mind, healing touch & Bubby energy. Seer of possibilities. Elevator of perspective. Catalyst. Elite athlete. Expat of 18 years. MamaBear to two remarkable girls. Wife exalted in my husband's love. A woman of substance who believes in you!


    I know there's this spark in you that the world has told you to hide. Despite it, you have moved mountains. And you became a trailblazer. And you still have so much to give. There's so much more you want to receive. But for that, you now need to rekindle that spark in a whole new way!

    So I ask you - what's at stake if you don't?


    My magic powers include holding space where you feel inspired. Safe to take off your mask and to fall apart. To not know until you do. Become aware of your gifts. Embrace yourself. And to truly thrive!


    You should also know that I've achieved more than most ever will by the time I was 30 years old. I've also been through depression and burnout so severe that it landed me in the ER - more than once! I've been through the Dark Night of the Soul. I completed identities, and emerged new ones. I have transformed my life, home, marriage, and businesses... Many times over. My scars give me perspective. Empathy. Wisdom. Courage. Capacity.

  • Now, this is not one of those "Do what I did!" things you're used to seeing in coaching and consulitng industry. (Having been a part of it since 2011, and investing several Maseratis-worth in my own mentors, I've got a pretty good idea of what's going on out there).


    I propose something different. Much more sophisticated and expansive.
    Yet, simple and cozy. Tailored to you.


    I will help you re-imagine the possible in new ways - in your way! To rearrange the pieces, transcend the weight of other people's expectations. To activate the true power of your magic to transform your life. And to do it without wasting time & fitting in places you don't belong. It's time you become the wholesome lighthouse you're meant to be.

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    ...and will meet live every other week for 3 months, and then take one month off to give you time to integrate.

    ...and you totally deserve to be there! Because the ROI transcends exceptional monetary gains and collapsed timelines. Expanding your awareness of possibilities, and giving you the tools you can use for the rest of your life is truly priceless.


    Remember, women like us, we have this ability to see beyond what others can, and your drive & discipline to accomplish more than most can ever dream about, are second to none. When all goes sideways and when all is up in the air, you stay grounded. Unknown fuels you. Challenge holds the fire underneath you seat.


    Who’s holding you? You know you get to be supported but just can’t relate to 99% of the communities, philosophies, beliefs out there. Because you are the 1%.

    You and I know that belonging to the elite club of the unconventional beings oftentimes come at the premium price of feeling exhausted, uninspired, disconnected, trapped, unfulfilled, restless, and hitting the upper limits of your capacities. The weight of the pressure, expectations, fears, doubts, overwhelm & isolation can wear you down. Yet, you know that you're meant for so much more, and that so much more is available to you.


    We also know that there are too many things on this journey that you just cannot take to, share with, or ask of your professional mentors, peers, esteemed colleagues, not even your girlfriends or your loving partner. You need more... And, it starts with(in) you.


    Yes - you want more but not if that means even less time with your kids, even less energy for your partner, or even less sanity for yourself. That's why we do things differently here...


    Claim your seat now, and see what happens the moment you say YES to yourself...

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    ✔️ Live coaching, Q&A calls

    ✔️ Trainings, teachings & tools

    ✔️ Private community space

    ✔️ Accountability & Networking
    ✔️ Guest experts teachings

    ✔️ Celebration in-person retreat


    Paid in full bonus:
    Seat at in-person retreat

    Fast-action bonus:
    Private VIP Day


    Unstoppable Plan PLUS

    ✔️ Private monthly call with Sara

    ✔️ Voxer/text access when needed





    Paid in full bonus:
    SOS Voxer access
    Fast-action bonus:
    Private VIP Day