Safe harbor to feel at home with life, not just exceeding in performance

    A trimester to concieve a new relationship with yourself

    Unlock your next level of COURAGE, transcend the weight of other people's expectations and unleash the true power of your magic to transform & simplify your life. Without wasting the time & energy you already don't have, and without trying to fit into places you don't belong.
    Private calls, scheduled & on-demand, plus voxer access, and a library of resources.

    Exchange starts at $9,000 + VAT*

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    Cozy luxury to re-imagine and rewire your life in a weekend

    3-day private in-person retreat plus 30-day mentoring support

    Activate deep healing, capture your vision, and translate it all into aligned strategic plan with CLARITY. Facilitated in-person in the Alpine Slovenia (or an European town of your choosing when I am available to travel).

    This is cozy luxury where the crisp air & blueness of the sky, the spirit of the pine forests & pristine waters relax, ground and nourish you. Immersed in the energy so different from any tropical island, you can see new possibilities with your eyes and feel them in your soul.

    Exchange is $18,000 + VAT* for a single experience, and $63,000 for (4) seasonal arrangements.

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    Sacred Space to welcome new dimensions to life & feel at home in life  

    Private all-inclusive 9- or 18-month private mentorship

    Be catalyzed by this exclusive experience, curated for your deep transformation and evolution towards & creation of all that matters to you... For the expansion of your CAPACITY beyond all that you did not even know was possible... And multi-dimensional results you've been getting ready for.
    VIP Days, a private destination retreat at the location of your choosing, scheduled & on-demand access, guest experts, and more.
    Investment starts at $180,000 + VAT*

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    A huddle when "I just need..." stands in your way

    Single session (anywhere 60-120 min, or until we feel complete)

    Sometimes you just need a fresh perspective, a different set of questions, and new frameworks to play in. A boost of confidence. Or clear marching orders to move the needle. Or permission to [fill in the blank].


    This is a proprietary blend of private mindset coaching, strategic consulting, and energy healing to support you in whatever you need the most - in your life (transitions, life-altering decisions, starting anew, upleveling), in business (aligned model & pricing, pivoting, streamlining, ops management), at home (homemaking, partnerships, parenting).

    Investment is $500 +VAT*
    Email me at sara(@)makeyourlifeyourlegacy(.)com to book

    For BESPOKE SERVICES, ADVISORY, WORKSHOPS, SEMINARS, SPEAKING, and more, email me directly at sara(@)makeyourlifeyourlegacy(.)com


    *VAT or Value Added Tax of 22% may or might not apply to you. Email me for details.


    Here are just a few questions my clients would come to me with. Working together in various capacities since establishing my company in 2011, we've journeyed a lot farther. See here how results of our work do not look one way.