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    "From walking away from 7-fig business to feeling alive again"

    "I was able to choose a new way. The way of freedom and creativity, faith and inspired action. The way I really want to work. I am alive. Hire Sara; trust, commit, and watch what happens as this woman does her work. Watch your life ignite- and breathe the clean air of self-respect, inspiration, and confidence again. Thank you, Sara."


    - Craig Gore




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    "Changed business, quality of interactions, opened new life"

    "Working with Sara was amazing, it enabled me to to collapse my previous year’s revenue into just one sale and some; it has changed my business and also had an unexpected and lovely impact on my personal life; it has put a relationship with my fiancé onto another level.


    Working on my business with Sara impacted not just my sales but also upped the quality of my interactions with my clients, gave me new openings in my life, my confidence has become more solidified and my body wants to become more healthy."


    - Kristina Court




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    "Hundreds of thousands of dollars created"

    "Sara has spent her life strategizing for CEOs to create hundreds of thousands of dollars. She knows what she's doing."


    - Rebecca T. Dickson









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    "Clear direction & space to be me"

    "You make it possible for people like me to not only play outside the box but have no box at all. And being there as a support to move through the exploration process. You offer so many levels - spiritual, energetic, psychology, physical, biz, mental, emotional. You are clear in your direction while allowing me space to be me. Extraordinary dance with extraordinary questions and extraordinary container with an extraordinary coach. So much gratitude for what just unfolded."

    - Harmony Sedona
  • $125,000 booked sale

    After already bringing in about $10k each month from multiple time-consuming clients, they went on to create

    ・ $125K Booked Sale ($60K Cash) topped with a
    ・ $30K/12 months Booked Sale for doing the soul-aligned work that changes lives...
    ・ ...all while working way less hours, and spending more time with their family.

    (Client 1 after an intensive session)



    [Many of clients are industry leaders who prefer to remain private, hence their name is not revealed.]

    Sold out new premium packages

    In addition to putting in significantly less hours per week…

    ・ ...they started selling out their newly-created high level packages at $7.5K - $15K per month (per client),
    ・ ...began traveling for pleasure & for work (which was authentic desire)...
    ・ ...speaking at influential events…
    ・ ...and they added a giant media company to their client list.


    (Client 2 after intensive sessions)



    [Many of clients are industry leaders who prefer to remain private, hence their name is not revealed.]

    $15000 paid-in-full for new program

    Overcame major fear of commitment, gained confidence,

    ・ $15k cash collected with one sale (for a brand-new 9-week coaching program),
    ・ ...topped with multiple $1,500 sales of smaller one-of packages,
    ・ ...while upped the quality of their interactions with their clients,
    ・ ...and experienced new openings in their life.

    (Client 3 within 90 days)

    $2500 cash in 48 hours

    After creating a $697 Sale within 12 hours,

    ・ ...and another $2,500 Sale in 48 hours,

    ・ ...they never looked back, and today, this person is a sought-after & globally-present coach, healer with a clear VISION and strategy to back it up.

    (Client 4 after intensive session)


    [Many of clients are industry leaders who prefer to remain private, hence their name is not revealed.]

    Hundreds of thousands of dollars added

    The management of their team, client acquisition, onboarding, and service delivery became much more streamlined, effective, and efficient (giving them the desired free time to spend with their family),


    ・ ...they traded office chair for seats on cross-country flights,

    ・ ... all while their clientele nearly doubled...

    ・ ...adding hundreds of thousands of dollars to their bottom line.


    (Client 5 within 90 days)



    [Many of clients are industry leaders who prefer to remain private, hence their name is not revealed.]

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    "The smartest decision for my business"

    "Hiring Sara was the smartest thing I ever did for my business and my sanity! I don’t know where my business would be without her!"


    - Vanessa Simpkins

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    "Immediate results"

    "I began implementing the strategy immediately and saw the results instantly (quite literally, the next day)."


    - Kelly Campbell

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    "My programs are full of the best of me"

    "Not only did you completely nail my areas of improvement, you gave awesome guidance around launching programs that are full of the best of me! You are a gem."
    - Amber Annette




    ♡ Live a life that serves the dreams of your heart and soul without apology, compromise, and sacrifice...


    ♡ Simplify, magnify, amplify, and intensify everything you put into the world so passionately and naturally...


    ♡ While creating more free time, excitement, joy, fulfillment, and significant contribution for yourself and others.


    If SO, then I invite you to share the details of your own dreams with me so we can explore how I might best be able to support you in making them a reality.