The work we do, our focus, and the outcomes we co-create depend on each client's stage in business, career, life - as it relates to their vision and strengths.


    Here are feedback from some of those individuals, also from colleagues and team, and Client Case Studies :





    Please note that many of our clients are high-profile experts who prefer their identity to remain undisclosed and provide testimonials on base of anonymity, and that some results are confidential.

  • Doubled revenue & free time

    Already well-known in their field, this client knew they had so much more to offer than her best-selling $3,000/mo coaching package. Held back by the typical "But who am I to..." and "I don't know how to..." mindset, their desire to serve at a higher level and ultimately revolutionize their industry remained an unfulfilled desire.


    During our VIP Intensive, I showed them the powerful pillars of high-value, high-touch, and high-leverage model, and how they already had everything they needed to deploy it (from concepts, to frameworks, to actual wording of their offer, and practical delivery), they...



    • Sold $125K offer ($60K cash) topped with a $30K/12 months booked sale for doing the soul-aligned work that changes lives...
    • Which was 2x what they earned a year before,
    • in a way that allowed the client to work way less and spend more time with their family.

    Feeling alive again

    This client had walked away from their successful 7-figure business because they felt exhausted, unfulfilled. Following their heart, they felt called to start their coaching business, but found themselves overwhelmed with what to offer, who to work with, how to close sales (just like so many others who transition industries). Most of all, they struggled with their self-esteem.


    During VIP Intensive, we radically upgraded their mindset, released core limiting beliefs and created new, custom-built strategic and pragmatic plan. From there, they quickly gained clarity around the true value of their gifts and who they were meant to serve, confidence in themselves and their approach, and conviction that success was inevitable. They were...



    • Feeling alive again,
    • And finding their own way of freedom and creativity, faith and inspired action,
    • While having reinvented relationship with themselves, their significant other, and their work,
    • Resulting in new 5-figure clients, getting paid fees they deserve.

    From 40 to 20-hour weeks & $150/hr to $15k retainers

    After successfully selling their agency and building a new business with the gained experiences and expertise, this client found themselves working way too hard to reach the revenue goals; they did not believe their expertise were sufficient, much less transferable. In addition, they tried to replicate the previous model of highly customized consulting packages sold at (industry-typical) hourly rate, which created the ceiling to what they were able to create.


    Immediately, we shifted their perception around not only what is possible, but also how they can exceed such results with less effort and much more joy. During our VIP Intensive, I showed them how to masterfully package their skills, experience, and deliver highest-level of service to their distinctive clientele.




    • Went from working 40 hours per week to 20,
    • While taking $150/hr service offer to $7.5K to $15k/mo retainer,
    • Creating predictable cashflow,
    • While reducing anxiety, administrative and collection efforts,
    • They began traveling for pleasure & for work (which was authentic desire),
    • Were invited to speak at influential events,
    • Added a giant media company to their client list,
    • And went on to make a substantial investments that had once felt like far-fetched dream.

    New efficiency & added hundreds of thousands of dollars

    Overwhelmed, and hitting their upper limits in productivity, profitability, and performance in their multi-6 figure business, this client came to me because they simply wanted to spend more time with their young children, and less time in the trenches of their growing company and managing their growing team...


    During our retainer-based collaboration, I helped them with marketing and management strategy and implementation. Below are the results they experienced within the first 90 days.



    • The management of their team, client acquisition, onboarding, and service delivery became much more streamlined, effective, and efficient,
    • Giving them the desired free time to spend with their family,
    • They traded office chair for seats on cross-country flights,
    • All while their clientele nearly doubled...
    • Adding hundreds of thousands of dollars to their bottom line.

    Bloomed after 25 years & moved to dream home

    Wildly gifted yet deeply scared for being misunderstood their whole life, this client struggled with bringing their gifts into this world, much less make a profitable and sustainable business out of it. Consequently, they felt like their whole life was on hold, and they felt trapped in their current home.


    During our 12 months together, I helped them peel back their stories and limiting beliefs layer after layer, all while helping them conceptualize and then actualize their business.



    • After 25 years of working on it, they gained confidence and clarity around their gifts, talent, and deepest desires, and finally bloomed
    • Realized how invaluable they are for simply being who they were,
    • Outlined business model, executed on marketing strategy and made first sales,
    • While finding the courage to follow their heart and relocate to a new state, new town, and new home that's been calling them for many years.

    New premier sale & reignited love

    When they first came to me, this client was stretched between their demanding job and the desire to take make their side-hustle coaching business into their main thing. This would enable them to start a family that they were longing for. Despite the experience, certifications, and outstanding results of their own clients, they were grossly undervaluing the impact they were making, and so they needed both, mindset and strategic support.


    During our VIP Intensive + 90 days together, I showed them how to master their mindset and solidify what they had learned from years of therapy, and we also upgraded their business model and positioning. They experienced major shifts in their personal life as the result of new-found clarity and confidence.



    • Overcame major fear of commitment, gained confidence,
    • $15k cash collected with one sale (for a new 9-week coaching program we designed),
    • Topped with multiple $1,500 sales of smaller one-of packages,
    • While upped the quality of their interactions with their clients,
    • And experienced new openings in their life.

    Refocused, excited, set up to quadruple income working less

    Despite running a successful company on paper, with staff and steady clientele, this client realized they were not making any money for themselves, so they wanted to establish additional streams of income. When they came to me, they felt exhausted, uninspired, and overwhelmed from putting out all the fires. Not to mention pressure, stress, and weight of responsibilities as their in-person service business had to be shut down due to the pandemic.


    During initial VIP Day Intensive, we identified deeply-rooted core limiting beliefs and subconscious programming, and began releasing them. In addition, we identified costly gaps and money leaks in the pricing and delivery structure of one of their signature offers. That alone contributed greatly to the in-person business barely breaking even. In addition, we upgraded the private, online-based service for this client.



    • Gained in-depth understanding of the value they actually provide,
    • clarified basic & time-tested business principles and understanding of frameworks to leverage in shifting their business model,
    • transformed their $3,200 service into premium one that ranges from $5,000 - $60,000
    • gained the tools to continuously develop confidence as a person, as well as leader

    From first sale to sought-after expert

    After releasing their 7-figure business in a very masculine industry, this client felt lost and overwhelmed with starting a new one based on their divine and life-changing gifts. Limiting beliefs of "Nobody would pay this much to work with me," and myopic vision of how a healing business should look like, they turned to me for help.


    During VIP Intensive, we released some deeply-rooted beliefs and shifted their energy, and created a new framework for their positioning on the market, new offers, and value ladder of services that could be delivered with joy and integrity. In addition, they gained clarity around their overall business operations to ensure their growing business would fit into their active lifestyle.



    • Created their first $697 sale within 12 hours,
    • and another $2,500 sale in 48 hours,
    • and they went on to become a sought-after & globally-present coach, healer with a clear VISION and strategy to back it up.