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3 unconventional ways to create the next-level sustainable & multidimensional success

[For the visionary business owner supported by a VIRTUAL team of experts]

· Intentional Leader

Getting to those six and seven figures is has been a dream come true for you.

You are ecstatic to have a team of experts to support you from around the world.

You have clients who love you, and get results from working with you, and you feel like you’re on top of the world.

And now, you are noticing this nudge coming up, this desire for more. Today, I will share with you an unconventional way of

:: keeping that momentum going, and taking it even further, even higher
:: bringing in exponential results and making a positive impact on the people you serve
:: enjoying peace of mind, freedom, and time with your family anywhere in the world, at any time
:: knowing that your business is taken care of so that you can show up with confidence and clarity in further ideas and conversations.

I feel you because it’s what was keeping me up at night in 2014. My business was growing, our clients thriving, and our second daughter was about to join our family.

I knew I wanted to take 3 months off (as opposed to working from the hospital bed like I did the first time around). And I felt this pull to move out of the role of a manager and into a consultant.

I remember all of those thoughts crossing my mind as I was putting all of these pieces of the puzzle together.

So, here’s something to consider that will not only grow your business, it will help it become a desirable workplace for the top exerts, and it will help your team grow right alongside with you!

I see way too many entrepreneurs struggle because they are (unknowingly) limited by the (unknown) limitations of their teams.

Or, have to go as far as letting the whole team go days just before big launches. Imagine that headache and expense!

1. Being the CEO is a state of mind: after nearly a decade of supporting Business owners I can say that this is one of the most challenging shifts for them. So, elevate your being energetically, mentally, and emotionally, to get out of the trenches and into what you were truly meant to be in the first place: visionary expert, transformational leader, impact-maker.

2. Work with the right people: it’s no secret that simply having a well-designed Org chart is no longer enough. And that utilizing various personality and strength assessments of each hire can help assure that the team works well together. Bring out the untapped potential, underdeveloped Genius in each person so that you can be fully supported by the right virtual team that can confidently, and with clarity, walk into the vision, mission, and purpose of your business.

3. Facilitate ongoing team development: big corporations have been investing in team building activities for their employees for decades, and this goes far beyond the weekend-long activities or quarterly strategic meetings. As a Business owner who relies heavily on virtual team of dedicated experts, you don’t have the capacity to be their coach and mentor as well, nor are you in a position to be. When you bring in an expert who is dedicated and strategically available to your team, you now have an intentional way of elevating the level of your multidimensional success, and creating intentional living, business by design, leadership, and impact.

Because assuring everyone is fully present, dedicated, motivated, engaged, and equipped to keep moving forward in the right direction will help you:

  1. Attract and retain the top talent (saving your a fortune on consistent recruitment and training)
  2. Increase your profit margins as we identify and fix your current gaps, leaks, and bottlenecks.
  3. Add hundreds of thousands (or millions - depending on where you are now) of dollars to your bottom line with much greater ease and grace.

This is just one of the opportunities available to you within the Intentional Impact Program - Global Experience. Get our free catalog to learn more about it.

And, if you want to explore how this could apply to your team, the positive impact this could have on your team, business, reputation, clients success, and impact, let’s talk and I'll help you map out the personalize plan specific to your business your goals, ambitions, and mission.