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From the Golden Globes to your Legacy Play

Three particular speeches from the Golden Globes directly translate into your (sustainable, fulfilling) success.

· Intentional Living,Mindset

Here's how, and why this should matter to you...

...when you are an open-hearted and visionary leader, entrepreneur, parent, with a mission & purpose bigger than yourself:

:: Michelle Williams powerfully took a stand for women’s right to choose and the importance of their voting in their best interest. Because it was her own ability to make free choices for herself that has enabled her to have both - a family and successful career.

:: Kate McKinnon attributed her ability to choose a life on TV as a member of the LGBTQ to Ellen Degeneres. It was Ellen’s courage to jump into the fire, and risk her entire life and her career to tell the truth, to help attitudes to change.

:: Tom Hanks reminded us of the responsibility to show up, bring ideas to the table, and do the job - shot by shot, day by day. And how you can only move on when the ‘gate is good.’

The ideas transcend the film and TV industry - these principles are the cornerstones of building any and all success in anything and everything:

  1. Making your own choices.
  2. Standing in your own truth and fearlessly leading the way.
  3. Challenging yourself to become, do, give, share even more, in better ways.

Because you are here reading this, I would dare to say that you have already created success for yourself, for your business, for your significant other, for your family, for your team.

And that you’re ready for more.

So here’s my commitment to you.

The more successful you are, the less people can relate to you, and even fewer of them are willing to tell you what you need to hear. I'll be the one to tell you the truth in the most loving way: it's time we have a little heart-to-heart.

1. About making your own choices:

I think that you're playing small and holding back... settling for the mediocrity of ticking off all the boxes, living out someone else's definition of success (which you know you've long outgrown)...

squeezing yourself into other people's standards and expectations... entertaining judging and limiting self-talk because you're caught up in your myopic thinking, tunnel-vision, and go-getter crowds-pleasing attitude...

Yes, despite of (or in spite of) all your ambitions, goals, success, achievements, and accomplishments.

You and I both know that you have long outgrown cookie-cutting solutions, and are at the point where it's no longer enough to assure that all of the pieces of the puzzle and a multitude of their individual components fit together... You need more.

2. About leading the way:

Your ability to see beyond what others can, and your drive & discipline to accomplish more than most can ever dream about are second to none. And you know that so much more is available to you.

However, success oftentimes comes at the premium price of feeling exhausted, uninspired, trapped, unfulfilled, restless, and hitting the upper limits of your capacities.

The weight of the pressure, fears, doubts, overwhelm & isolation are wearing you down.

The myopic thinking and tunnel vision are keeping you from following your calling and passion.

Your health, potential, clients, and your family keep paying the toll.

3. About becoming more:

Yes, it's very tempting to continuously build out, grow, and scale your successful business from this space of hustle, grind, (and even disconnect), even when your success comes at a premium cost of exhaustion, compromised sanity, sacrificed freedom, rocky marriage, elusive family time, and missed events.

Yes, it feels productive to schedule in 2 hours of present time with your kids, and sexy time with your love.

Yes, it feels so natural to keep hiding behind success, old (cultural, generational and self-limiting) patterns, belief systems, behaviors, and actions.

Yes, even when it means having the pressure mute your own inner voice and put pause on your dreams. And even when it’s so frustrating to keep spinning in the same place while watching everyone else passing you by.

Remember, you can only move to the next gate when the current gate is good.

So the truth is this: your business and busy life aren't what's stopping you from doing what you love, going after your dreams, making intentional impact, and making your life your legacy...

Nice try.

That means that you already have within you - and in your reach - all that you need to start growing by leaps and bounds, and transform it all, and make this upcoming year and decade your best yet:

  • for yourself personally
  • for your loved ones
  • for your kids
  • for your team
  • for your client
  • for your community
  • for the causes you care deeply about.

The question is - how badly do you want it, how serious are you about it?

How willing are you to avoid the downfalls and blind spots you're currently not even seeing?

How open you are to expand your vision, and capacities to receive & create more?

Let me know if you want me to show you exactly how to do it.

This is about your life, and the lives of those who are following in your footsteps, whose paths are illuminated by the light you exude, and whose possibilities & opportunities are expanded by the bar you powerfully raise.

There's no better time than the present to inspire intentional living, business, leadership & impact…

…and make your life your legacy.