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Releasing what no longer serves your highest expression is not a luxury, it's a necessity

· Intentional Living,Mindset

If Prince Harry and Meghan Markle can break out of the hundreds-of-years-of-tradition and the institution of British monarchy, and choose their own path, and move to another continent... can follow your own heart and soul's calling, too!

Whether that means radically upgrading, simply pivoting, or walking away from what no longer serves you entirely,

I have been there, and can tell you one thing:

The only thing harder than making the leap of faith - is to keep wondering and regretting.

Yes, it is scary.

And yes, there is something the words cannot explain when you allow yourself to dive deeper, soar higher, and go further - in a way that serves the dreams of your heart and soul without apology, compromise, and sacrifice...

In a way that simplifies, magnifies, amplifies, and intensifies everything you put into the world so passionately and naturally...

In a way that gives you more free time, excitement, joy, fulfillment, and freedom...

Over nearly a decade of working with and supporting some of the most powerful, accomplished, and visionary women and men in business...

...many of them devoted parents who are deeply motivated to make a better future for their kids, and driven to make the world a better place for generations to come...

...I have seen so many ideas, dreams, possibilities die on the field of fear & doubt, deeply-rooted generational and cultural patterns, and myopic thinking.

That's what inspired me to intentionally, thoughtfully, and very carefully design what I believe is a true game-changer for those open-hearted, and forward-thinking elite experts & leaders.

This is a high-level personal, business & travel journey for those who have already built success, who crave depth, intimacy, and expert support, and are ready for more.

Here, you elevate the conversation and attitude around your ideas, vision, and possibilities; master your (7- and 8-figure) mindset, open up to & expand your capacities to receive, and create exactly what you need for your desired future, your business, your team, your family, and your community.

In other words, the Intentional Impact Program - Global Experience helps you build out the next level of your joyful and fulfilling success, simplify and optimize your business, transform lives, make lasting contributions, and make your life your legacy...

...because you deserve nothing less.