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Retreats are only 1/3 of the solution

· Intentional Leader

I love hearing from the industry leaders how they are taking progressive steps of bringing their virtual teams on in-person retreats.


Those are great events for team bonding, team building, envisioning, strategic planning, and so on.


In fact, successful companies know very well how priceless it is to invest into the ongoing development & engagement of their teams.


Here at the Intentional Impact Program - Global Experience, we take it a step further.


See, retreat means that you're removing yourself from something... into a different environment.


Environment that inspires and empowers you, gets your creative juices flowing, energetically recharged etc.


And then, you return back into the old reality. Among the "old" people, deadlines, habits, expectations,...


Before you know it, you're feeling exhausted just from re-calibrating... balancing the old as you're infusing the new.


This is the case whether the retreat was focused on you and your growth... and whether or not your team was there...

...especially when each individual returns into their own home-based office across the world.


Because - we're still only human.


So we added the key ingredient into this recipe, and intentionally developed a way that


  • ...brings everyone on the same level and the same page before the in-person multi-day destination experience (at the location of your choosing: medieval Skofja Loka, metropolitan NYC, tropical Honolulu)...
  • ...ignites the bigger vision, elevates & shapes the ideas into strategic plans (or simply focuses on one particular thing) during...
  • ...and assures seamless and powerful facilitation of the ongoing momentum, and continuous (exponential) success afterwards.


All is delivered though high-touch, 100% customized and private support, guidance, coaching, consulting, and mentorship not only to you as the business owner, but also to the (leadership) team who's taking care of your business and your clients...


We're taking the "bringing out the best of each person" to a whole new level, and in a whole new way - the preferred way of cutting-edge leaders, industry trailblazers, and successful entrepreneurs.


If this calls to you, request a catalog with more info, or Book a complimentary call and I will personally show you exactly how we can make this happen for you and your rockstar team.