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From rockstar to unstoppable virtual team [Part 3]

· Intentional Leader

Yesterday, we talked about identifying and curing the root cause of managing rocky team - a problem entrepreneurs face when their virtual teams do not perform/deliver desired results.

If you already have a team you love, can fully rely on, who delivers, and keeps exceeding your expectations - congratulations!

You should be really proud of yourself, because achieving this is nothing to sneeze at!

So today, let’s dive into elevating your rockstar high-performing team and assuring the winning streaks are not an exception, but the norm.

Imagine when everyone comes together to inspire and create even more intentional living, business (by design), leadership, and impact?

Imagine the opportunities you get to create when your business becomes the desirable place for those world-class experts, professionals that are just as devoted to bringing forth your vision as you are...

…and the level of the service you now get to provide to your dream clients...

…and the quality time & your full presence you can consequently gift to your loved ones?

Priceless, right?

It's what I call, operating from the proactive state.

And the cornerstones to achieve this in a virtual team are the same as in the on-site one:
  • Clarity on your vision, mission, and values
  • Certainty in your role, strength, needs, including awareness of you limitations
  • Attracting the right person for the company and their role
  • Providing proper onboarding and training
  • Setting the right expectation & responsibilities based on each stage
  • Developing the proper metrics to measure progress and success as well as failure and lessons learned
  • Win-win compensation structure
  • Flexibility in adjusting the role if needed
  • Providing the right environment that encourages growth, personal-responsibility and initiative, as well as sense of belonging

How to do so when your team is located in different places around the world, and in different timezones, that’s part-art and part-science!

Therefore the framework to elevate it all, to make something good even better, and to reach the even greater heights remains the same as the one we walked though yesterday:

  1. Working on your leadership, confidence, clarity, and trust as the business owner
  2. Working on strategically and intuitively bringing the best out of your team.

(As you can see, yesterday’s and today’s scenarios are simply two sides of the same coin!)

What changes, however, is the essence.

Because no matter the level of your success, the fears, doubts, and self-limitation coming up tend to remain pretty much the same, only that their affect (along with the weight of the pressure) proportionately increases.

So with each level, we go deeper. The same goes for the strategies, tactics, tools, and systems - what has brought you to here is not the same as what will take you to "there."

Not to mention, with growing success, shifts in your grand goals and vision beyond the vision, the responsibilities, expectations, and roles that your people can be expected to step into, will shift as well.

And that is precisely why at the Intentional Impact Program - Global Experience, we have created a way to facilitate these evolution and potential transitions rather seamlessly.

With our unique and highly-customized program, all the tools and methods focus on helping you and your team achieve specific-to-you and set-by-you goals.

Imagine the limitless possibilities that you get to unlock together when each one of you taps into yet-untapped potential, gifts, and genius, and aligned to the vision beyond vision, unleashes their brilliance, upgrades their skills, insights, knowledge, and capacities to create, lead, and receive more...?

Book a complimentary call and I will personally show you exactly how we can make this happen for you and your rockstar team.