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From a rocky to a rockstar team [Part 2]

· Intentional Leader

As promised, it’s time to dive deep and peel back new layers of next-generation (virtual) team building, management, and leadership.


Together, we will look into some practical elements of how to do that, and why this is crucial to help you grow and scale your business…

…when you want it done with simplicity, magnitude and speed of transformation, and exponential (as well as consistent and lasting) results for yourself and for your clients.


What I am about to share with you here comes from years of my own experience of working behind the scenes in various capacities (as an employee and team manager; hands-on online business manager; agency owner with my own team; to done-with-you consultant, coach to successful entrepreneurs with their own teams):

  • some high-performing ones (where my work is more about how to amp this up even more),
  • and some who were more of a liability that an asset to the business owner (to be completely honest, and my responsibility focused more on patching it all together, fixing the gaps and leaks).


This will be for you whether your team is the one of rockstars who already go above and beyond for you and your business, or the one whose potential is (unintentionally) grossly untapped…


As mentioned in this post, what you will learn can help you:

1. …save you up to 400% of what you pay them (which is the cost of having to replace your high-level team member)

2. …increase productivity by 20% (based on the studies, when your team is committed, aligned, and engaged)

3. …add tens of thousands of dollars to your bottom line per each member of your team


So what can you, a business owner, entrepreneur, who already has a team of experts to support you and your business, do to assure they all are on the same page, aligned with and dedicated to your vision, and at their peak performance?   Today, let’s start with the latter - what to do about the underperforming team?


See, success of a business frequently comes on the heels of uncovering one's genius, creating a solution to a particular problem, and then finding a profitable way to bring it to the market. Again and again and again.


Most often than not, I have observed the entrepreneur who has mastered this one thing, rush to bring on board virtual assistants, copywriters, funnel builders, course creators, launch managers, etc. to take it all to the next level.


Where they face a bottleneck, is their lack of actual business knowledge (yes, having a product/service that sells well doesn’t necessary equal to having a business),

paired with inexperience in management (yes, managing a team in the office is very different than a group of individuals who work from their own spaces, scattered around the globe.)


So imagine the inevitable…


  • ...the anxiety and stress of needing to replace the whole team a week before a launch because their skills are no longer adequate enough?
  • ...the dip in client support when needing to find, hire, and train yet another coach on a team who can continue supporting the clients (who are not even seeing desired results to begin with)?
  • ...the added workload on your already heaping plate when needing to scramble, dive back into the bolts and nuts, and put everything on hold because the project/business manager is suddenly a no-show?
  • ...the headache of needing to recover a complete database that was deleted (accidentally) by incompetent/inadequately trained assistant/marketer with a full-access?
  • ...the cost of needing to reestablish reputation that was tainted by a salesperson whose approach, values, and priorities are incongruent with what you stand for and how you do things?
  • ...the lost time of needing to explain yet again your vision so that yet another graphic designer (managed by a team member) can properly capture it in the visual material?
  • ...the anger and resentment of needing to have everyone drop their weekend plans to make up for the time that was lost because on person did not know what the project was/dropped their ball on the deliverables...?


Yes, they are all real-life scenarios, they all have actually happened. Hard blows that make it even harder to fully trust again, not to mention to relinquish the control and give to the team what they need to actually do their job...which then leads to hiring new people... Again.


If you have experienced any of these scenarios, know that they are simply a symptom of what I call operating in the reactive state.


It's expensive, time-consuming, it never delivers the actual results, and it keeps everyone spinning in the same cycle.


The solution is bi-fold, and works in a tandem:


1. Working on your leadership, confidence, clarity, and trust as the business owner (the 4 points outlined in yesterday's post)


I know, nobody likes to hear that they suck… and that’s not what I am implying. That said, it is my responsibility to hold up the mirror and tell it like it is because that’s the only way to heal, learn, grow, gather and master the tools that enable you to get out and stay out of your own way.


2. Working on strategically and intuitively bringing the best out of your team.


See, this part has been historically left up to each individual (if they themselves invested in good mentors, they continued to develop professionally and personally. If not, then not.). However, cutting-edge leaders realize that offering this to their teams, not only attracts the best talent, it also strengthens the team, and assures that people want to stay, they want to see you succeed, and they take pride and ownership of their role in it.



Because when you do, you can remain in the role of a visionary, CEO, leader of your company; and empowers your business/project manager, creative, and technical team to see it all through with their insights, knowledge, and skills…


…and that’s why I have developed the Intentional Impact Program - Global Experience, so that we can help you do exactly that. Book a complimentary call and I will personally show you exactly how.





P.S.: Tomorrow, we’ll dive into the cornerstones of elevating your already successful and productive team onto new heights, and reaching new levels of success