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Want to know how to leverage your rockstar team (without losing your sleep)? [Part 1]

· Intentional Leader

It’s time to get raw and real about how to allow your impact and profits rise.

[Your leap into freedom and happiness].


I frequently write about the simplicity, magnitude, speed of transformation, and exponential (as well as consistent and lasting) results my clients get to experience (details and numbers are on the Testimonials page on my website).


The question that usually follows is:


"How can I do that, too?"

It's really simple:


  1. Be(come) someone who isn’t afraid to get real, vulnerable, and raw... Not someone who prefers to sit in the safety of sidelines and wish, hope & wait for the better days to magically come along...
  2. Be willing & ready to break the rules and step into the revolutionary, self-expressed you (and see your business transform along with your life).
  3. Know that it's not your business that stops you from doing what you love; you know this is a long game.
  4. Be(come) unavailable for feeling time-strapped, profits-poor, and stuck; you know you're ready to show up and step up to truly create life you desire and deserve.


Even more-so if you are someone who is also supported by a team (virtual assistants, online project coordinators, launch/business managers, creatives, etc, who work for you remotely)!


Whether your team is the one of rockstars who already go above and beyond for you and your business, or the one whose potential is (unintentionally) grossly untapped…'s time to dive into something that nobody really talks about: how to build, leverage, and lead your (virtual) team without losing sleep.


Keep an eye out on this space for the next several days, because what I will walk you through, can help you:

  1. Save you up to 400% of what you pay them
  2. Increase productivity by 20%
  3. Add tens of thousands of dollars to your bottom line per each member of your team


Not to mention that peace of mind where you can relax into a cozy movie marathon with your family, completely unplug on the (actual) vacations, all while making an even greater impact on the lives of your clients.