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Breaking barriers and building legacy on & off the football field

Interview with Dr. Jen Welter

· Interview,Intentional Leader

Dr. Jen Welter is a woman who's breaking barriers on and off the football field, and in this dynamic interview, she shared many invaluable insights into what it really takes to be a pioneer, trailblazer, thought-leader.

She is the first woman to coach NFL, she broke into men’s professional football as the first female to play running back in men’s pro football, and was appointed Head Coach of the First Australian Women's National Team.

With 2 Gold Medals with Team USA, 4 World Championships, and 8 All-Star selections, Dr. Jen might be short in size, but whose spirit, vision, and determination are certainly larger than life.

Her story, lessons, and practical tools are available in her book Play Big - Lessons in Being Limitless Form the First Woman to Coach in the NFL, as well as in children's series Critter Fitter.