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Give yourself what you need

Whether you're a gold medalist shouldering the weight of the world's expectation to perform with excellence no matter what...

Whether you're a business owner dragging out the decision to finally scale down and pivot because so many rely of you...

Whether you're an executive at 5am, with coffee, staring down another 12-hour work day with kiddos by your side...

...your feelings, your emotions, your intuition, your knowing are valid.

Nobody can validate it, nobody can (dis)approve, and nobody can give you what you know you need, but you. 

Despite of the very popular belief that's going around the online community - that it's all so easy, effortless, and quick - the truth of the matter is that it is not. It's a fucking hard work! 

And nothing is wrong with you for working and trying so hard! And for falling short, for falling apart. 

And for doubting. 

And for needing a break. 

And for ducktaping it all together with some more Xanax, more coffee, speeding though stop signs in your spaceship SUV in order to drop the kiddos off in summer camp on time for you to get back to work. (OK, maybe we rethink this one...)

You are just a human. And there is another way. 

There always is!

18 years ago, I stepped away from basketball, and so many backs were turned on me! And all I needed was just a few weeks to after years of 5-7 practices per week, 3-4 games per weekend, and national team training camps and tournaments in between all across Europe (and playing through injuries and pain)... But I did it and I came back to a previously-unfathomable life-changing opportunity. 

6 years ago, I had to slow down as a new mom to newborn and toddler and an owner of a growing agency. Except this time, it took more than just a few weeks of "being." 

This time, I was in for a whole transformation, a journey though fire, where anything that no longer belonged (identities, stories, paradigms) burned off... I was brought to my knees. And, it became my spiritual awakening. I rose back up wiser, stronger in my softness, sharper in my openness.  

So I am here to tell you that...

It takes more than physical fitness.

It takes more than the right diet. 

It takes more than mental toughness. 

it takes more than time mastery & productivity.

It takes more than a change, upgrade, of your lifestyle.

It takes more than mindfulness and mantras and prayers and faith. 

I am here to tell you that there's a whole next level where the female (psyche) needs a whole new, holistic, integrated approach, esoteric and pragmatic, and different from anything that's out there. 

It would be my honor to show it to you... and introduce you to some magical people like Dianne whose soul's mission is to be here for you, to help you feel healthy, happy, and to have fun living outrageously (again).

I am also here to tell you straight up that it also takes time... the time you already don't have but must be willing to invest in a whole new way if you are serious about getting, creating, and experiencing what you say you wanted. 

It's up to you. It's your life. And remember that whatever your choices are, can exponentially alter the trajectory for you, your family, your team, your community...humanity. 

You've got this!