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Raw Wisdom for the Woman in Leadership Ready to Reclaim Your Primal Power

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So, I just found this old photo of me, I think it's from my junior year in college... But it got me thinking about the time when I so masterfully did two things, and inspired me to tell you a story.

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International basketball career and academic excellence.

Then, it was growing a business and raising babies.

Then, transforming myself and transforming the business. 

Playing in & holding the big picture, and leading with the details.

I have never done just none thing. Focused all of my attention and creativity on just one thing.

I mean, I tried, it quickly went sideways. Because women like me, we require various outlets for our brilliance, creativity, nurturing. For the sake of our defiant and daring Wild woman within. 

So today is no different: 

Motherhood and householding. 

And marriage and sovereignty. 

And Make Your Life Your Legacy and Elite Mystique Agency.

These two businesses are just like my two daughters: so very different and yet so very the same in their essence. 

No one more favorite than the other.

Both equally as glorious, brilliant, limitless. 

Each with a different energetic signature and here to serve, to fulfill their own purpose.

So can I tell you a bit more about each? 

And why they make my heart sing - just like my daughters do?

          Well, the MAKE YOUR LIFE YOUR LEGACY emerged through my personal struggles to confine myself into a societal expectations and norms in a foreign culture, culture that glorifies hustle, exhaustion, disconnect, inequality, isolation, artificial solutions, and unmanaged stress. 

Especially after postpartum depression and burnout became my “spiritual awakening” I was looking at my daughters… “If I don’t do something to help shift the old paradigms, rewrite the rules of living, and elevate humanity, what kind of a future is awaiting them? But first, I have to help myself.”

Moreover, it was like a visit from my Ancient Future Self who already has the knowing and the wisdom, and now just requires the action.



In addition to that, I reviewed the past almost-ten-years-worth of client notes, case studies, and it hit me: 

When those thought leaders, breadwinners wake up at 3am in the morning, feeling so isolated and misunderstood in their own homes and marriages that they once dreamed of, they don’t need more information.

When they answer emails at 11pm, exhausted from 12-hour days in the office, making dinner and putting kids to bed, they don’t need more information.  

Well, they did. At first. 

When they first sought me out all the way back in 2011, 2012…yes, all they needed was for someone to take the load off their shoulders. 

That’s what my capacity was at the time, too. 

Then, they required strategies to be more efficient. To have more time. To have more flexibility. Without sacrificing the integrity of their business (well, sometimes that business needed to be completely reinvented in the first place). 

As I kept evolving, so have my clients.

Now, they are yearning for even more.


A very specific experience. 

And deep transformation. 

And liberation. 

From the inside-out.

In the most esoteric AND pragmatic, tangible ways - because they know what whey desire. They have been staring at their vision for decades. They are ready to make the leap and just need to feel safe, held, nurtured. 

Challenged to get out of their own way. 

And empowered to reclaim their Primal Power.


Because they know that they get to. They want to. 

And because they know that the rest of their life(times), future of their kids, strength of their marriage, career advancement, success of their missions, and limitless earning and investing opportunities depend on it. 

And so does their transgenerational, transcultural, and transdimensional legacy play.

         So I tapped into my personal life and some of the most joyful, expansive, and life-changing experiences. Ways that enable me to be the best at what I do as a coach, consultant, healer. Alchemist. Mystic. In ways that give me immense joy AND plenty of time and flexibility to still make my family my priority. 

Home. Travel. Lifestyle. Nature. Mountains and the sea. 

Peace. Joy. Wealth. Health. Pleasure. Sexuality. Nurturing. Creativity. Flow. Fun. Receiving. Masterful manifestation. And time mastery. 


Rawness and realness. Shamelessly and guilt-free.

That’s how the Make Your Life Your Legacy was born. 

Through a proprietary blend of mindset mastery, organizational genius and everyday practicality with metaphysical and spiritual principles, we work, play, and create magic together in a truly sacred space. 

Whether it’s VIP Day Immersions or year-long Global Experience, few things are more fulfilling than seeing my clients 

- collapse timelines and turn their 25-year dream into reality within a year or two, from moving cross-country, to buying dream home (and no longer feeling trapped, scared, and overwhelmed);

- revive marriages, deepen and strengthen relationships with themselves, their loved ones, and their teams (and no longer being triggered, feeling isolated, and wanting to run away);

- create richer experiences, and be more present, clear, and focused in all they set out to do and become (and no longer burning out at multi-7-fig revenues as a primary home provider consumed with guilt, shame);

- multiply revenues, profits, and free time with integrity, harmony (and no longer working so much, so hard for what they though success and empire should look like);

- make a more positive impact and high-value, lasting contribution to the world with greater fulfillment and joy (while turning the world into their playground)

Ah, this feels so good! 

         So what about the ELITE MYSTIQUE AGENCY, you ask?

Well, last Summer, Dianne Sykes and I were talking about just how devastating the pandemic - and especially lockdowns - have been.

If you don’t know Dianne, she’s my soul sister, New Yorker, mama to a soccer prodigy. Former track star. Quantum physiologist, coach, speaker, and healer who brings sexy (back) into science.

Deeply tapped into our spirituality and Ma frequency, we knew the times are changing. 

Indeed, we must be able to create ground with these higher frequencies. We must reconfigure ourselves to have an infinite experience in finite (human) form. 

This capacity will help us shift everything - from lifestyle management (self, household, relationships, enterprise, game), to the global sectors we desire to change…

         So, we talked about elite athletes. What does all of this mean particularly for those who were no longer permitted to practice, perform, compete, entertain… The ones who stepped up and spoke out. 

And the Olympians who had to extend their peak performance for a whole year. Will they thrive or will they succumb to the pressure when it will matter the most? 

         We talked about leaders emerging from the old, Piscean age and hierarchical structure, and into the Aquarian era… that requires doing things differently… 

But who carried the weight of responsibilities towards their organizations, their teams, their clients, and who, overnight, had to figure out a completely new, online-based world… (that is, if their didn’t lose it all). Do they have the support their souls actually require?   

And then, our hearts dropped.

We felt all the women.

 Particularly executive women who, in addition to fulfilling their responsibilities and expectations on the professional level, are also primary home providers. 

With big dreams that got completely crushed and gave ways to just making it from one day to another…

Like, business owners on their second coffee at 5am, staring down at another 12-hour work day - plus juggling their kids by their side… And with partners so busy that they can’t even remember the last time they got to have…much less truly enjoy…sex.

Or those who are zooming through the stop signs in their beloved SUVs, rushing to drop kids off at school in order to catch the train on time. Only to realize that the office they’ve missed so much isn’t quite making them happy, either.

Or the ones who are putting on a brave, smiley face in devotion to do it all and bake cookies from scratch for the PTA, fundraise for their kids’ “permission” to see some playtime on the sports field… but on the inside, they are just falling apart because this is so not their essence.

Not to mention those who are duck-taping and supergluing their already-cracked relationship, and are so desperately trying to make it work despite the bruises. Because they simply do not have the capacity, courage, much-less an idea of how to possibly make it on their own. 

And those who are doing all of that, completely on their own!

And our hearts skipped the beat and our eyes lit up! 

We looked at ourselves, our lives, our skillset, and our calling.

We looked at the friends who are living this right now. 

And some whom we have lost. Because they had taken their own lives. Because they saw no other way out…

And we knew.

There was not a slightest doubt. 

      We RSVP-d to the calling of the executive women who realized, “Fuck, I don’t know how to live! I have everything going for me, but it’s just not it. It’s not enough. I want more! I need something different!”

These executive women require a Total Support. Fitness., Nutrition. Lifestyle. Time Mastery. Mindset. 

To re-imagine Health, Happiness, and Fun.

Yes - fun!

So we pooled our resources. 

Dianne and I leverage 45+ years of combined (international) experience as elite athletes, mothers, partners, leaders, householders, globetrotters, mentors and mystics. 

We have each invested in-tune of multiple 6-figures and tens of thousands of hours in our own growth, development, education, including certifications.

In our work, we use multi-disciplinary approach and proprietary blend of biology, mindset, energy optimization, astrology, pragmatic & quantum strategies, yogic science, channeling, spirituality and mysticism. And colorful gel pens. And the most scrumptious notebooks. And FUN.

We have the depth of understanding. Gift of foresight. Great skillset of immaculate listening. And we love building things.

This means that we can hear what you are saying and what you're not. We can see the unseen. We can feel the unexpressed. 

We observe, relate, provoke, and ignite. 


         Imagine physical, mental, spiritual fitness practice that's highlight of your day?

Strength and endurance training you actually enjoy?

Conscious eating practice (forget restrictive diets), customized food plan you'll love, hormone and blood panel assessment and chakra nourishment guidance?

          Imagine astrological insight to lead life you were literally designed for? 

Sex advice (so not what you think), conscious relationship training, and intuitive parenting guidance to really enjoy being with your kiddos?

Fashion, style, colors & textures for your body, personality, sacred space?

Rejuvenating travel strategies?

Self, household & enterprise mastery coaching?

          Imagine bending & collapsing time into a system that works for you on autopilot?

Doing more of what matters to you and actually love doing it?

Stressing less & handling soul-sucking commitments with grace?

Minimizing friction points in balancing of responsibilities?

That’s bold alright. Elite. 

And totally possible. And fully available. 

We know because we live it.

That is total support. It’s Elite Mystique Agency. 

          As you can see, hailing from a lineage of fierce women who have lived ahead of their times (and who were beaten, raped, and killed for it), this work is not just trendy. It is deeply personal. 

And just like being a mom to two girls who are being raised to live in their sovereignty, limitless, this work is not just a vocation. It’s my legacy.

Stronger in my softness, sharper in my openness to receive more, and clear in the direction, mission, and service,