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On time-mastery and what it really is all about

It's not what you think!

Having more time and getting more done has very little to do with the conventional wisdom like scheduling, time-batching, even automation and outsourcing.

Time mastery actually begins with mindset and energetic components.

Want to live outrageously? Feeling healthy, happy, and having more fun?

Start re-imagining and re-defining possibilities in new ways.

Here's why: 

(Women especially) have been indoctrinated into this belief that success needs to be hard. 

That busy is productive.

So if it's too easy, or if we have too much fun, then we are not doing it right? And that if we don't collapse into bed in the end of the day, then we don't deserve it. Right?

Here's what I have learned in 25+ years as a high-achieving woman (in the athletic arena and in entrepreneurship; as a mom to girls as well as coach to women in leadership

   1. When we are in our zone, in our brilliance, it's supposed to be easy!

   2. What is hard is to actually get out of our own way, to shatter  self-imposed ceilings, to reprogram our limiting beliefs, to break self-sabotaging patters. For some, that means to simply rest. Resting is hard! Receiving is hard for some! 

   3. Discernment of what to say, what to do (and it's timing, sequencing) that will move us forward on the path of least resistance therefore requires mindset mastery, and healing of the wounds.

(What wounds? The same ones that have you believe that your worth is somehow measured in numbers on a scoreboard, stopwatch, scale, bank account, and only earned through self-sacrificing and self-depreciation. For starters).

So if you really want to create a sustainable change, to experience more harmony, this is where you start. 

A client came to me because they wanted to be able to do more of what matters to them (and actually love doing it), but they were stressed out & stuck in soul-sucking commitments. 

The more successful they were becoming, the more chaotic their life had been. Even though they had it all designed and mapped out, they were unable to say "no" new opportunities, invitations, commitments. And just like that, they went from being in command of their life to being just another figure in it. 

Sounds familiar?

Creating flow in chaos starts within.

Do you believe that you could put hours back into your daily schedule just by re-imagining the possible in new ways, by changing the narratives, and by removing friction points that deplete your energy? 

Because you sure can! 

With that, you also get to bend and collapse time! 

How? One way is simply by pulling out a whiteboard, colorful markers, and your order of priorities to start mapping out a system that works for you on autopilot - at home, at work, in life!

Actually implementing it all successfully can sometimes require making changes in your business model. Upping your prices. Or eliminating best-selling service! I know! 

It might require you to learn your husband's love language. Understanding your Natal Chart. Stop trying to be the kind of a mom your mom was and finally embracing being you. 

And it has been my experience that this is actually just a beginning - because once you get a taste of your primal power, you will want more.