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Celebrating 10 years in business & 4 profound lessons learned from the journey

This month, I am celebrating the 10th business anniversary, and feeling thankful for this milestone.

It has been quite a journey! Today, I would therefore love to share with you 4 of the most profound experiences and lessons from it:

First and foremost, in the beginning of this entrepreneurial journey, I also became a mom to my two remarkable daughters. Daughters who, in so many ways, are the oil that keep my fire going, the wind that remains in my sails.

When I look into their eyes, I am reminded of thousands of women who have paved this road, fought their fights, and sacrificed their lives so that we get to live ours. They give me the courage to be braver.

In the eyes of my daughters, I also see a whole galaxy of possibilities, opportunities, and eternal optimism. They are my inspiration to dream bigger. 

And, they are my teachers who have also taught me how to just be still, in the moment. 

Because sometimes, being still is just about all that I can do. All that I must do… 

See, on this glorious journey, I also experienced the dark night of the soul! I am not talking about depression or anxiety or despair or sadness. I am talking about this mystical experience that Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith describes as “profound movement in consciousness that unravels the entanglements of ego, metaphorically bringing us to our knees by taking us through a seeming disintegration so that we may reintegrate at a higher level of consciousness. If we surrender and give our consent, we receive the dark night’s gracious gifts. If we reject it, we miss its contribution to our evolutionary progress.” 

Indeed, from those experiences, I have become stronger in my softness, sharper in my openness to receive, and much more clear in my mission, purpose, and vision. 

These radical transformations then then do reflect tremendously in the evolution of the work that I get to do . In the gifts that I am privileged to share. In one way or another. (Well, it does go both ways.)

Which is why I am immensely thankful for the people who have trusted me in helping them over this past decade:

...whether it was through my hands-on and done-for-you virtual assistance and online business management services (in the first few years); 

...or with business consulting and mindset coaching;

...or more recent, expansive, and all-encompassing life coaching, quantum strategies and healing.

Perhaps the most exciting part of it is the fact that results of our work, play, and magic that my clients and I co-create, never look one way; it's whatever the clients want to have a greater experience of, and all that matters to them!