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How can our environment impact our ability to thrive

· Intentional Living

The environment in which we can thrive transcends office furnishing and home decor just as much as the in-office and family dynamics. That's in addition to that internal environment we create through aligned and adequate mindset practices, energetics, spirituality, and physical wellbeing.

Sometimes, the only way to expand the capacity required to realize our deep desires, the most audacious dreams, fulfill our soul's purpose, and carry out our mission... or to simply move the needle after feeling stuck, overwhelmed, disconnected for seemingly-ever, is by uprooting the life we've known and embarking on a cross-country or transcontinental journey.

It's not a coincidence that two of my clients relocated by thousands of miles during our time together, and another one purchased a new home soon after our time came to a completion (things we put in motion can last for a lifetime, some only come to fruition later on)!

My own family left the USA for the EU earlier this year.

And none of us did it after all of "our ducks lined up." We leaped first, and THEN everything started to fall into place. As it always does.

If you feel change is coming, if you're embarking on life-altering decisions, if it's time for a reset... to reimagine the possible & map out the new plans (may it be for your life, family, business, career), activate healing and rejuvenate energy, I can help.

We can get you started this July with a private 3-day in-person immersion here in beautiful Slovenia. {plus 30-day exclusive support}.

Reach out.

And know that RESULTS don't look one way:

— "My heart is sprouting green again. I am alive. I have a reinvented relationship to myself and my work and most of all my living." -Craig (VIP day + 30-day intensive)

— "The co-creation, synergy efficiencies, and dynamic you establish bring a whole new dimension into your client's life, business, boardroom, home." -Gerry (workshop)

— "After 25 years of working on this thing, it finally bloomed in all its magic. I am excited to be me again. Replenished, refreshed, playing in the vision that is asking to be born. Sara, not only are your words like energy healing, there is a rhythm that dissolves pain and fear, and gives us the ability to focus on what’s next. You give a completely different framework and concepts to work with & play in!" -Harmony (ongoing partnership)

— "Sara can help you get to the bottom of whom you have to become to get where you want to go. It's a question with many deep layers to the answer." -Linda Lopeke (one of my beloved mentors)

— "Working with Sara was amazing, she has both strategic knowledge and inner guidance to enable me to collapse my previous years' revenue into just one sale. And put my relationship onto another level." -Kristina (trimester of working together)



P.S.: Jasmine is one of my absolute favorites! This one is from my parents' garden.