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How we see ourselves & expect of ourselves, matters

· Intentional Living,coaching,Mindset

Expecting a fish to climb a tree ensures failure. Yet, we do it all the time. Specifically, we do it to ourselves. Even the most accomplished amongst us would hardly admit just how many agonizing experienced we've endured behind closed doors because no matter how hard we worked, the desired results were always just beyond our reach. This sense of fulfillment and inner peace ever so elusive.
Yet, when we looked around, it all seemed to come so easily to others. Yes, including the ones we could have sworn were way less qualified, experienced, knowledgable, dedicated, and focused than us. Sounds familiar?

Having been in the coaching and consulting industries for quite some time now (whether in the athletic arena, business success, or professional and personal development), it's the nuances
that make the difference.

For example, as a basketball player, I trained on the same strength and conditioning equipment as the track team. Or the volleyball team. But how each of us used it, was vastly different. Because each of us had to develop different capabilities and skills to excel in our sports.

I have also seen the same [mindset coaching] approach applied to clients across the board, totally
disregarding their specific needs. A few achieved desired results. A few stagnated. And too many were completely retraumatized, convinced of their inadequacies and worthiness because they failed to measure up and meet expectations. It took some of them years to realize that it wasn't even their [mindset] that needed fixing; it was that they were given, trained on, and expected to utilize the wrong tools. Tools as simple as project management, for example. Or approach to content creation. Or
social selling. Or business model...

Something so trivial, one would think, had a tremendous effect on them because it occupied their
capacity and depleted the energy required to move toward that which they were meant for in the first place! Instead, they were busy ticking off boxes.

Like a fish, judged by its ability to climb a tree.

Look, this transcends athletics, coaching, consulting! How many of us have found ourselves being admired, celebrated, and pedestalled for achieving everything there is to be achieved? At least on paper... At least from the perspective of those around us. But deep inside, we battle this
increasingly louder pulse of "Hey, that's not it!" Or "I can't do this anymore!"

Have you been there? I know I have. And I know the fear of venturing out into the unknown can be paralyzing. To be judged, unsupported, or misunderstood. Gosh, the fear of failing! Of success, even!

The most beautiful thing is that what we have built doesn't *always* have to be burned down! The solution is not *always* in some radical decision to pack up and move 4,000 miles away. Tho - I tell ya, it can help!

The solution can sometimes be as subtle as shifting the awareness, perspective, trajectory by 1%. And then doing it again.

It also takes courage and clarity.