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What to do when you can't quit as the going gets hard?

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Living in a small medieval town again is a dream and it has many perks; easy accessibility with a car is not one of them.

It's taken me almost 3 months to work up the courage to bring our car through this street. I mean... I knew it was possible: I measured the car's width, I measured the streets. I saw others do it.

The first time I tried on my own, I scratched it before I even made the first turn!

So, I kept watching how others have done it with cars even wider and longer than ours. I saw them do something I have not thought of! Ah!

I was able to direct my husband as he successfully did it. Then, it was my turn at last. Gulp...

If you've been in these newer cars, you probably know they have gazillion sensors built in to beep, and then beep some more, and then flash the lights on a dashboard as the objects are getting closer and closer.

Typically, these are very helpful features to have. Well, when you only have an inch to spare, not so much...

As the car kept beeping and flashing, my husband kept waving his hand for me to keep going. To stop. Realign here. Move over there. Back up an inch. Turn the wheels now. Ok, keep going.

"But how, I am about to leave half of the doors on that corner! And the whole left-side bumper on the other wall! What do you mean, back up and realign? Where, how? The mirrors had to be folded!" went through my mind as I kept taking deep breaths.

See, awareness from behind the wheel is something much different than what can be seen from the outside. By now, the car intensified beeps and flashes!

I had half of mind of just getting out of the car and leaving it there but hey, there was no room to open the doors. I had to see it through.

And with my husband's guidance, my calming techniques, courage, and faith - I did! We did it!

What a perfect analogy for coaching and mentoring!

Oftentimes, we don't even know what we want; it's much easier to know that what is just isn't it. Oftentimes, we don't even know what is possible and available beyond our little bubble of awareness and experience.
- A good coach and mentor helps us gain clarity. Elevate perspective, and layer in a different path. Most importantly, it empowers us to create our own.

Oftentimes, we are stuck on the how. Or if we know the how, the nuance and different perception of actually being in the minutiae of it, can be overwhelming, and confusing.
- A good coach and mentor guides us along while believing in us when we forget to believe; holding our vision when we struggle with it; holding us when we just want to give up.

Because our ego, ghosts of the past, fears, old programming,... they will keep on beeping and flashing!
- A good coach and mentor and healer and strategist (it's so cool and so much easier when they are all one person, just saying [wink]) helps us release. Reimagine. Redefine. Realign. Alchemize. Recalibrate. Resume.

Navigating tight spaces and life-altering decisions? Pursuing big, audacious dreams? I can help.