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Step away from fragmented lifehacks

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My heart broke for a colleague the other day, a brilliant and accomplished creative leader who has already made a mark at her young age, when she asked for help because I knew this place she
was at intimately well. And because I knew millions of others don't have the guts to raise their hand.

"I am burning out, I can't seem to get ahead at all, and the more I try to stick to productivity and
efficiency frameworks and tools, the more anxious and overwhelmed I
feel..." is essentially what she shared.

✨Step away from fragmented lifehacks like time batching and delegation. Drop it like it's hot!✨

For real! I am speaking from 25 years as an elite performer, 11 of which is the experience of supporting creatives, helping them achieve this state of flow and inspiration in business, career, and life. AND from my own battle with burnout and depression at the height of my success and
productivity as a mom to a newborn & a toddler while running my premier agency in New York.

First, I offer that instead of time blocking in terms of hours, see if themed days (or weeks) support your
rhythm better. And put an end to this beeping reminding you that it's time to switch up your hat and focus (again).

Say, instead of 7-min or 90-min sprints (sorry scrum masters), dedicate a whole day for
some bigger projects that require more flow, creative inspiration and detailed execution.

Set the intention around it but leave yourself space for flexibility.

I personally go as far as to reserve Mondays (Moon days) for introspective and writing, and do not set up any meetings and calls.

Second, if you're a woman, there's the layering of our monthly cycle and rhythm. Take advantage of the days when feeling super energized, and allow yourself to take it easy on days that require a slower tempo and more rest.

Third, if you're also a parent to little ones: ease into an ever-changing rhythm. This is the only constant!

Now, let's talk outsourcing and delegation.

I am not saying there is no need to build yourself a support team, in business and/or at home. What I am offering is to do something else first.

For us, highly driven, wickedly-accomplished women who were raised to believe we ought to be able to hold up the sky ourselves, and that our worthiness is measured by our accomplishments, it's
crucial to (also) reprogram the mindset and to recalibrate the energy first! (Otherwise, we can't quite receive & hold what we're asking for, and we simply channel our relentless and self-depriving pursuits

"What kind of support, why, and how?" is now quite different.

That's where strategy meets coaching meets healing meets mysticism!

On the other side then, there is this spaciousness and timelessness, as I call it, (where I now accomplish more in a day, week, or month than most would in a year. While (still) being a mom, wife, homemaker, mentor, writer - with more time for myself & my family than ever before. With no team.)