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How to break the curse of a servant's hear to shift the paradigm of highest-level service

The Universe reminded me of a lesson I thought I had already learned.

I talk about the hooks that are pulling us back from each up-leveling until we remove them. Pulling them out can be painful. This is what that looked like for me:

Over the years and throughout the growth of my business, my services kept evolving and fees kept increasing.

However, immediately after each such step, I found myself attracting prospects who put up resistance.

And instead of standing in my power which is what helps them to get out of their own cycle...

...I found myself modifying the new offers to meet people where I thought they were.

Of course, that is not what the highest level of service looks like, and the Universe gave me the Gibbs slap each time :-)

(Desire to serve can sometimes really get in a way of actually serving! Reading the signs makes it all so much easier!)

Here's the kicker - for when this happens to you...

...and I know it does because you, too, are just a human.

You have two choices:

1.) Stooping back to where you were, slashing the fees, putting your dreams on hold, and telling yourself all sorts of reasons why this isn't the time, how you must be missing something,...

...and don't be surprised then when slamming kitchen cabinets in frustration (because everything seems to be waiting on you),
snapping at your kids (because they did do what you asked of them, again),
picking up the fight with your spouse (because they are still "thinking" about something you asked them 8 months ago, again),
burying yourself into work (because maybe producing more just might make people see you, hear you, understand you, respect you...)

...still won't make the desired zeros on your bank account, vacations on your calendar, steam in your bedroom, guilt-free spa-day, sparkles in your eyes, raving clients, pain-free body, dream-team, etc.
magically (re) appear!

2.) Knowing that none of this has anything to do with your prospects, your fees and model, your kids, your spouse, your team... fact it's not even your fault to be on this hamster wheel.

...and yet it is on you to take radical responsibility for it as the life, business, leadership, relationships, impact, happiness, fulfillment, freedom - they all are on the other side of this mountain.

What will you choose?