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How to grow and scale your business without crashing and burning?

What are the consequences of piloting a plane just because you love to fly for travel?


Pretty much the same as starting, running, and trying to grow & scale your business simply because you're great at your craft.


Don't believe me?


:: Ask the business owner who's so exhausted they can't even sleep at night.


:: Ask the business owner who is on a block-and-delete rampage of dozens of their dissatisfied customers.


:: Ask the business owner who is putting in double the work and has tripled their team and yet still can't get ahead.


:: Ask the business owned who is doing launch after launch with envy-worthy revenues and yet is profits-broke.


:: Ask the business owner who is catering to the community of thousands of people and yet only 8% get results.


:: Ask the business owner so afraid to ask for what they really want that they show up with "please don't buy" energy in selling their service.


:: Ask the business owner who proudly doubled their fees and ended up quadrupling the responsibilities.


:: Ask the business owner who is shining from a stage but is on a brink of divorce, health on life-support.


:: Ask the business owner who just bought their dream home but is still slamming the cabinet doors in frustration over their kids' triggering behaviors.


:: Ask the business owner who burned down their booming business and went into hibernation for a year to heal and recover.


:: Ask the business owner who bought all the programs and courses and ended up with pieces of a puzzle that do not fit together, much less into a picture they have envisioned creating.


If this is you, I may be able to help.


Spaces are available to established business owners, leaders, to work with me privately:

  • ...if you are ready to go beyond the surface and into the depths of your purpose, mental game, and elevate your energy, thinking, and ideas.
  • ...if you are open to receive support for your unique, ultimate, and unlimited success, ambitions, and expectations on all levels and areas of life.
  • ...if you are able to feel into and trust the dreams and possibilities much greater than anything you'd be able to accomplish on your own.
  • ...if you are willing to receive expert and unbiased feedback, and have space held for what is yet to come as we release old patterns, clarify, redefine, and expand your vision and mission.
  • ...if you are available to realign, simplify and customize the strategies, methods, the actions, and integrate and embody the shifts and tools for lasting results.
  • ...if you dare to own your power, courageously follow your heart, create a business that supports it all, have more time and energy for your family, and make your life your legacy.


It won't be cheap, either - it will be a substantial investment of your money, energy, focus, effort, and commitment...and a trade in of your current reality. And it won't happen overnight.


Why do I say this?


Because it's time we have a little heart-to-heart. See, the more successful you are, the less people are willing to tell you what you need to hear, so I'll be the one to tell you the truth in the most loving way: I think that you're still caught up in your myopic thinking, vision, and attitude, are playing small and holding back, and settling for the mediocrity of ticking off all the boxes, living out someone else's definition of success (which you've long outgrown), squeezing yourself into other people's standards and expectations.


Yes, despite of [read: because of] all your ambitions, goals, success, achievements, and accomplishments.


Message me for details and applications, or apply via my website.