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When your heart and soul are calling and your mind is stepping on the breaks

This powerful insight from my recent coaching conversation can help you rapidly and radically shift things if you are a successful, strong, powerful woman whose personal life, happiness, fulfillment, relationships have taken a toll:

There is no scale to measure against and compare your reality, desires, needs, wants, pain, dreams, aspiration,... to someone else's.

Nothing makes yours more or less real, important, urgent, better or worse.

What there is, it's your heart and soul's calling and your mind stepping on the breaks.

Waiting for that one day...
Judging yourself...
Doubting in yourself...
Giving into fear of the unknown...
Fear of being judged...
Fear of fucking it all up...

So when you find yourself on the crossroads, and I know you're there because at some point we all are...'s not the scope, nor the level of your external reality that determines the ultimate outcome (read: intentional living, business, leadership, impact)...

...the true freedom comes from your ability, openness, readiness, willingness, maturity to take radical responsibility and intentionally transform yourself.

Because when you don't, life still goes on. But you experience it as a walk through a tunnel that gets progressively darker, narrower, and it makes each step harder, more painful, and confining.

Yes, you can certainly power though, dig your way out the hard way.

Or, you can trust your guidance (and call in whatever resources you need, from mentors, to the Universe, your intuition, to Angels,...), and follow the light [of your heart].

Of course many choices you will be required to make along the way will seem irrational - especially to others...and to your own logic.

But choosing to make those irrational decisions is mere passing a test of your commitment to create what right now might feel like some irrational new reality, desires, needs, wants, pain, dreams, aspiration.


P.S.: Intentional Impact Program is the space where such leaps, transformations are ignited, activated, facilitated, created).

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