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How to master your craft to create exponential success

There is something to be said about success and mastery of the craft that oftentimes gets lost in translation:

"What if your highest level of you does not need learning experience in the form of struggle anymore?" is what Elizabeth Purvis posted.

While about 98% of people find motivation in pain, 2% choose to keep growing and evolving and stepping into their higher and grander vision, and are motivated by pleasure, self-actualization that comes along.

Which one applies to you?

I was thinking about this earlier today as I was setting up my office to record a series of videos. Yeah, the whole shebang - lights, cameras, full hair and makeup. Lol.

The reason I was thinking about the 2% was because all these videos were supposed to be recorded yesterday, but I just couldn't get into the flow. Scripts felt too scripted, frameworks too loose, and free-styling just, well... You get the picture.

So, I let it go and returned to it today. It took one take, and done.

What I am getting to is obviously a much wider topic than recording videos, but the principle is the same.

When you look around your life, your business, the impact you're making... Do you feel like you're in flow, and want more of it?

Or do you feel like you're about to self-combust in frustration, deep disconnect, contemplating lighting up a match and let it all burn as you walk away - because the success you once were dreaming about no longer brings you the joy, satisfaction, fulfillment, sense of purpose you crave?

The thing is, you are not alone. I was there in early 2015. I didn't necessarily burn it all down, but I did feel excruciating pain because the business I had busted my ass off, no longer felt like a fit.

It took years of deep work, trial and error, leaps of faith, and not once giving up (even when my marriage and health took the toll)...

...before I had this epiphany, too. What if it didn't have to be this hard?
Could it be challenging and painful in order to prompt me to look from a different perspective?
What if I was trying to squeeze myself into too-small-of-a-box?
What if the joy, ease, grace, fulfillment, and freedom I was seeking were actually already within me - waiting for me to free from all the constructs, programmings, patterns, beliefs?

You know what - the moment I chose to 10x my vision, to step up my game, it all shifted.

So what I am urging you to ponder is really simple:

what is it costing you to stay small, confined in outdated perceptions of how things should be? What is the real cost of you not being fully self-expressed, highest-level self in terms of the services you are not delivering, clients you're not serving, lives you're not transforming, purpose you're not fulfilling, time you're not spending with your family, energy you don't have to invest in your loving relationship?

That in itself is priceless! That in itself should light your a$$ on fire - and we did not even address the actual cash you're leaving on the table... nor the 10x ROI in results you'd be setting yourself up for (how does getting $1.5M for $150k sound to you? Or $150k for $15k?)

So think about it: this decade will be over in 69 days.
A decade.
In 69 days.

You can still make it the best one yet! AND, you can already start making the next year into a solid, strong, aligned foundation on which you will be building all that is yet to come, no need to wait until the 2020 rolls around (and washes away all the high-hoped new-year resolutions).

Because let's face it - all that you've been seeking is not lost. It's already there, here, waiting for you to be able, willing, available, ready, and open to see it.

And that requires of you a shift that only someone who's been there can ignite, activate, facilitate in synchronicity with you.

All you need to do is courage to raise your hand and ask for it.