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How to turn overwhelm into spaciousness

Have you ever felt like the walls were closing up on you when the life-changing vision you were so close to realizing, seemed to be shattered by a single "no!'

Have you ever found yourself hyperventilating in the mindst of chaos because you know there is a way, you just can't seem to find it?

Have you ever thrown yourself into franctic decluttering as a way of coping and distracting yourself from what's really triggering you?


Here is a simple framework I've been resorting to when my own world turns upside down.



It's so easy to feel overwhelmed, inadequate, helpless, trapped; even the high-achievers and mission-driven performers amongst us are not immune to being a human. In fact, I would offer that it's us (entrepreneurs, athletes, healiers) who are especially susseptible to such radical response because so much of who we are and what we do, is fueled by traumas.

So, the first thing I invite you to do, is to redirect:
Focus on understanding the framework, the container of your goals, dreams.

Where are you already succeeding? Where are you already succeeding physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially, financially, culturally?



It's so easy to feel overwhelmed when we keep every piece on our mind.

I invite you to write it all down. First just as they pop up, then organize them in whatever way you need to.

With the new-found bandwidth, you can now revisit each piece. Re-evaluate what is true, reflect on what is a projection, what is a belief that's not even yours.

Instead of the big picture, you can now focus on the next steps.



It's so easy to feel like we're falling behind, or that we're not enough when only focusing on the end result, on the big picture (and when we compare ourselves to others).

I offer that with the new-found clarity, you now rearrange the pieces and decide on the the next step or two.

Also ask yourself, what are your typical ways to self-sabotage and simply make necessary adjustments to stay on track.


Now, you can have a better understanding of

- where to clear and adjust your energy to play in possibilities, to trust the trust and have faith in faith

- where to adjust your mindset (just because you might feel resistance, it doens't mean you are off-track; simply dig deeper to explore what the reasistance is telling you about the beliefs you're holding on to)

- where to adjust your strategy and what your plan of action is.