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What to do when excellent performance is no longer enough to realize deepest desires?

· Intentional Leader,Mindset,Intentional Living

There come times when you can't outperform your way into acceptance, belonging, and lovability.
Or KPI & self-sacrifice your way into feeling worthy, deserving, enough.
Or tick off all the boxes into expanding your capacity to call in & receive what your heart and soul truly desire.

Indeed, we take pride in taking action like a champion, we leave no stone
unturned, no box unchecked when we are focused on achieving a goal. A
goal set so high, we are afraid to say it out loud. A goal so important
that our own well-being, our relationships, our sense of freedom, and
safety of our families all depended on it.

There comes a time when all that we had poured our heart, soul, blood, sweat, and tears
into, looks more like an itemized list of grievances with the Universe
rather than the seeds we planted, or battles we won, or stepping stones
we laid down.

Wanna inch closer to what you truly desire?

Take time off.
Press that "Book" button.
Sign those papers.
Close those accounts.
Burn those boxes.
Delete those files.
Slam those doors.
Complete those chapters.

Do you dare to throw a gauntlet to dreams, ideas, relationships, places
and spaces you've been holding on to and holding out for, and surrender
into the unknown that the outcomes would present?

Indeed, it's the spaciousness in which we could face our biggest fear. Maybe that's
how we realize that it wasn't even ours but a deep and very bedazzled
hook of generational and cultural programming...

It's the timelessness in which opportunities, people, spaces, and decisions that
we've been waiting on for years, could line up in mere months, weeks,
days, hours...

It's the limitlessness where we could re-imagine the possible in new ways, and welcome in what we did not even think was

But it all starts when we chose to put ourselves first.
When we choose to see ourselves as enough.

That's where it all came full-circle for me! Only then I realized that what I
was here to create, my life’s work, the highest offering I could offer
was not some vain metrics or hard-core hustle and grind. Not any more.

Instead, it has always been a sacred space, spaciousness, timelessness,
limitlessness that felt like home. An intimate space where the hidden
and suppressed can emerge, and where the deepest desires are realized.

I just had to become open, ready, willing, and available to realize that.


P.S.: And remember, this transcend spending hours you already don't have in
meditation, or weeks in some distant retreats that leave you
ill-equipped to efficiently deal with the day-to-day reality of being a
mission-driven leader always running on empty, busy mom always in
perpetual catch-up game, elite performer disconnected from self in the
name of excellence.

It's high-level mindset & energy work on the conceptual level & sophisticated practicality that strategically
simplifies complexities of daily life to actualize it all - while
feeling at home with self, with life.