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IT IS NOT THAT SIMPLE - Introduction of my new book

Excerpt #1

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This book has been sitting in my heart for many years now, butit wasn't until a couple of events of this past year have compounded that I knewit was really the time to channel the wisdom, complex emotions, colorfulcontemplations on paper.  

But before I get into these details in the Introduction, Iwant to ask you something important. Two things, actually.  

First, do you ever re-imagine the possible in new ways?  

I do. All the time.  

In fact, it’s sorta what I do for a living.  

And it’s not just about a vision. That would be too easy; it’sabout the art and science of tapping into this innate knowing, hearing the whisper of the soul, and pulling of the heart. And trusting it even and especially when there is no way to coherently articulate and make any logical sense with any of it. And then, taking the leap anyway.   

It’s kind of how I have lived my life. Well, most of it atleast.   

And that’s where the second question comes in.   

Do you ever - despite the vivid knowing of what you ought to create - stifle your own voice, your innate knowing, and dim your own light forthe comfort of others?   

I did. 

Looking back, I traded in my voice, my innate knowing, and ultimately my sense of freedom for an illusion of stability, safety, and proximity to power.   

Looking back, I traded in my voice for the comfort of others. Others who loved me. Who couldn’t handle how powerfully my soul entered thescene, and so they draped me in their own insecurities, senseless rules, andbogus convictions.   

It’s taken me decades to one day realize how messed up it’sall become…   

See, it turns out that in my mind, it didn’t matter that was a powerful householder, natural-born mom with a gift of gracefully soloparenting two kids, a woman with the capacity to manage & navigate it all while also running my own business. 

No. Because my husband was bringing in more money than me, I concluded that my needs and desires shall became subservient to his. My heart’s calling to become a subject of dis/approval of his intellect,… Something that had to be justified and excused even though it couldn’t even be properly articulated in the first place.   

But the true me was quite different. The purest version of my reality is that I am a magical witchy woman hailing from a lineage of matriarchs who lived ahead of their times. 

My innate knowing is always right and doesn’t even need to be verbalized. And my power & capacity? That will have the mountains follow when I move!   


So I became curious, how did I ever get there? Here? When didit all even begin? And why? 

I also wanted to be able to look into my daughters’ eyes; Iwanted them to have the courage and inner voice to live a different life thanthe five (at least) generations of women before them.   

I needed to have the courage to be a role model that actuallyshows them what it’s like to speak their truth. And to live it.   

So, I had to roll up the sleeves and do the work. And that’s how this book came to be.   


Now, I surely don’t have all the answers, but I hope that this also gets to be a start of a potential dialogue with women who may have and understand the concepts, but not yet the courage to apply them and step into them.   

I especially want to share this story with women out there who might be feeling that they're alone on their journey of changing, evolving, releasing, healing, and raising.   

Women who have found the courage to go against the grind, who no longer are willing to hear that there’s something wrong with them just because their soul desires more, something different than what they are told to be settled for with gratitude and grace.   

Who are already tapped into something so much greater in the 5D knowing, but may still feel caged in the environment, circumstances, and the human body of the 3D world. Maybe they don’t have a point of reference for whatit is they're creating? Because it doesn't exist yet.   

The women who require physical, metaphysical, mental &strategic support. They know there is the physical reality of matter and what is seen, and the esoteric reality of energy and what is unseen. They need to train to toggle between both.   

And the daring ones who have said YES to themselves already, who are burning their Karma and turning it into their Dharma, may this be acelebration of their audacity to actually go and create it!   

Because after we ran with the wolves, after we ate, prayed and loved, and got untamed, and after we became... I truly believe that the world is ready for these conversations, for a fresh perspective. And for a new way of living. 



So with the political and cultural shifts, the pandemic quarantining and social distancing all crammed in the 2020, I felt a lot of ancestral trauma coming up. I've been there before, I lived through this before!   

My daughter gave me the courage and reason to be even more vocal and proactive in fighting for human rights, social change, equality.   

The process of writing this book has brought healing andclarity that I did not know I was yearning for. 

The experience has opened my eyes, my heart, and my mind to the conversations we must have because of the legacy we're living for the kids.   

It’s my hope that the reader finds the inspiration, courage, and vocabulary to perhaps express what’s been needing to be said all along. And the audacity to reclaim her own primal power.   

Because the world will be run in a very different way. And our children are already operating in a very different way. And our generation is the bridge between the old Piscean and the new Aquarian era.    

My hope is that this tangible piece of my values and ideas outlives me, and that my children can read it when they are ready. 

That it offers them something new and different each time they read it - will they understand it differently in their 20s than in their 40s and perhaps 60s, or when they, perhaps, read it with their own grandchildren?   

I also know that if we were to have this conversation last year, the essence of the book would be very different than it would have been next year.   

If the motivation to finally sit down and write came on the wings of some turbulent events, the process turned out to be healing, and deeply revealing in ways I could not have anticipated; my husband basically said to me everything there is to know…   

“Hunny, I need to ask you something!” I inquired as Tyler was putting his shoes on in the foyer. As usual, I was standing nearby and waiting to give him a kiss before he walked through the doors to go to work. 

“As you know, I am writing this book. And Inoticed something interesting. There are 5 sections to it, each chronicling adecade of my life and major milestones. And along the triumphs, also barring the truth. It gets ugly at times. Re-immersing into each event that I was writing about, my whole energy changed, my body responded. Especially around our dynamic… And because of that, in some parts thereader may experience you through my viewpoints from my beliefs and consequently perceive you as a villain! I mean, I could viscerally feel all the feels reliving those years in order to capture them on paper. Yes, the process was deeply healing, it helped me see you and love you again. And so, I want to know - would you like me to go back and rewrite those sections? To make it fair?”     

He looked me in the eyes, smiled, and said in his warm, velvety voice: “Dear, this is your book. Your story. Your life. Your truth. You do what you have to do.”   

Reason and rules no longer apply, but anyone can access their supreme knowledge and untapped greatness that lie on the otherside of limiting patterns, fear, and perceptions.    

Do what you have to do… 


Excerpt from “IT IS NOT THAT SIMPLE” book -  A Tale of 6 Generations, 3 Wars, and 1 Woman’s Cross-continental Quest to Reclaim Her Primal Power (And Inspire a More Intentional Way of Living, Loving, and Leading in the New Era)

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This is still a manuscript, so contact Sara Oblak Speicher directly if you would like to help bring this book to the audiences around the world. 

5 section and 36 chapters chronicle a multi-generational and cross-cultural story of my own life’s experiences as an elite athlete, business owner, primary home provider and expat. Sprinkled with a pinch of mysticism and metaphysics, I take the reader on a dynamic and transformational journey while integrating these major topics: 

  • self esteem & deep transformation
  • rooted traditions & conscious parenting, marriage
  • high-performance & mental health
  • expectation & fulfillment through work, life
  • history, politics & current cultural affairs
  • purpose & spirituality


Copyright 2021 by Sara Oblak Speicher