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You do not need to have the answers

· Intentional Leader,Intentional Living,Mindset

Being an Aquarian woman in leadership doesn't mean having all the answers. It actually means being OK without having any!


Realizing this has brought me one of the deepest sense of peace that I have ever experienced. 


As many brilliant and highly-achieving women out there who wound up in a profession where others seek you out for your expertise and professional opinions, we are trained to know. To deliver. And to value ourselves based on this performance. 


Our value, we are told, depends on how others value us. How others measure us. How we measure against others. 


So not knowing the answers can essentially mean the death of us. 


Until it actually is just that.


See, living within these bounds eventually becomes too limiting. Unbearable. The more that our hearts know we've outgrown these spaces, the more our ego-minds try to contort us to still fit in.


Because to anything else is simply unknown. It's an uncharted territory. We are we innately? Who are we meant to become? What are we here to create? What is actually our legacy play?


There is no roadmap to those answers. Not when you are an Aquarian leader. And you know you are one just by how you feel. You just know it. Now the question becomes - do you dare to honor it?


Do you dare to be OK with having no answers - and thus opening yourself up to simply receiving them?


That is the rite of passage to your next level. That's where all that no longer belongs will burn off. That's where you will fall apart. That's where you will let death occur in order for a rebirth to take place. 


Well, at least the death of the version of yourself you so meticulously constructed in order to tick of the boxes of other's expectations. In exchange for the promise of security, safety, and comfort, sense of belonging, or even the access to some arbitrary power and influence.


My mentor Linda M. Lopeke once wrote, "The truth of our lives is that each one of us is a mosaic of our broken places. Our days spent fighting private battles no one knows anything about. The wounds of this inner war are what give us our depth, and our beauty. They allow our light to shine. And that light is needed in the world."


Can you be OK with that?