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Numbers lie. Sometimes.

"That don't impress me much" song came on a radio the other day, and I couldn't help but sing along this catchy tune.
Soon after, an ad appeared in my newsfeed, something to do with teaching successful marketing.
Their credibility token? Managing millions in ad spend to generate millions in revenues for their clients.
"That don't impress me much..." I hummed.
It does make me curious, tho...
♡ Not about the top of the line revenues, but bottom line profits.
♡ Not about filling up a pipeline, but delivering client results (to more than the typical 8% of buyers).
♡ Not about size of their team, but high team turnover (and high cost of wobbly reputation).
♡ Not about trophies on a wall and Lambos in a garage, but Divine genius and ethical service to others.
♡ Not about their juicy marketing and "high ticket" offer, but unidentified gaps, leaks, and bottlenecks.
♡ Not about smiling selfies from a stage, but their genuine happiness and well-being when the curtain falls.
♡ Not about fancy insta photos, but their peace of mind, love, and relationships behind the closed doors.
♡ Not about their superfans, but their ability to keep growing and leaving a legacy of intentional impact.
See, numbers matter.
Numbers tell stories.
Not always.
Not the whole truth, at least.
And it's the whole truth that you need to successfully grow, scale a business past your current glass ceilings...
...AND live the life of your dreams, on your own terms, and have everything that is important to you without compromising the things that matter to you the most!