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Others won't understand your journey because...

Waking up into a brand new day of possibilities.
Contemplating on some big decisions that scare me but make my heart sing. Yes, I want
to return back to Slovenia, after 18 years in the States. For myself. And certainly for the wellbeing of my kids. It's huge!

So, I am being reminded that when we are on our own path, aligned with our
purpose and mission, it will be scary. We will feel judged. Misunderstood.

They will try to slow us down, talk us out of it, sabotage. Convince. Most often the ones who love us the most. Because they're scared and they just want us to be happy, and not get hurt.

But the truth is, nobody else does, can, nor would understand it (much less give us permission) because it's not their journey.

And there is no greater hurt than the one we inflict on ourselves by clipping our iwn wings, denying our calling, shushing our soul.

Can we stop seeking approval from others and just trust our own inner guidance? Our innate knowing? And take ruthless action towards our fulfillment, with love & radical acceptance, from there?