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Space for integration, recalibration, reflection

It's been a month since my kiddos and I took off for unplugged summer vacation. For years, my being kept requesting this time but my mind kept trying to somehow balance it, kids, play, rest, growth...

I admit, it's still tempting to roll up the sleeves and work. Luckily, my soulsister and friend and business partner Dianne holds me accountable to my own needs, desires and promises.

And I have to say, even though I felt relaxed almost immediately upon arriving to my homeland, it wasn't until just recently that my body has trully shifted.

So, it got me thinking...

Space for integration, for recalibration, for reflection is just as important as taking action is. This is oftentimes the piece we are programmed out of, and shamed about. Especially as women.

But the reality is, the bigger the vision you're holding and the mission you're fulfilling,
the more rest and spaciousness become an integral part of how you carry it out. You're not taking a break from fulfilling your mission. You are fulfilling it because you're taking a rest.

And, depending on you as an individual, this rest might look like taking 2 hours to meditate +10k run each and every day... or to chunk it up like going off the grid
for two months. You have your own rhythm, can you honor it?

Just something to be with - especially when there is so much going on in the
world and our system is completely overloaded with information and emotions.