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Physical, mental & spiritual endurance for leaders (that feels good)

Interview with Dianne Sykes , creator of The C.H.I.L.L. Method

· Intentional Leader,Interview

What does it take to not only hold the big vision, but also have the endurance to see it through?

"When you feel good, your team’s focus, business impact and profit margin all grow exponentially. You’re unstoppable," says Dianne.

In this interview, we talked about victorious exhaustion, how to be a champion relaxer, and how to own the 2 hour pulse in your bio-rhythm.

Dianne is a physiologist, leadership coach, energy healer, mom, and a former athlete. She helps

help high-achievers and industry leaders ditch the stress and burnout, fuel their bodies and change their thinking so they have the energy and amazing health to execute on their brilliant ideas.

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