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Resilience, innovation, and marketing of tomorrow

Interview with Linda Lopeke, founder of SMARTSTART

· Intentional Leader,Interview

How to create a lasting impact using data science and strategic thinking to drive business and marketing decisions, and deploying strategic “presence” marketing campaigns to drive sales and maximize cash flow?


Linda Lopeke is a "data nerd, a marketing geek, a shameless disruptor, and a visionary leader" with 50+ years of experience, and has been the secret guiding force behind many of the biggest business success stories ever told online and offline. She founded SMARTSTART to help extraordinary entrepreneurs, experts, and visionary leaders with high potential build profitable, standout businesses that make competition irrelevant.

Using SMARTSTART methodology, she built a business of one capable of delivering $5.7M in professional services working just 3.5 days a week. And through her philanthropy program, thousands of entrepreneurs have been impacted, and millions of dollars donated to make it possible for business owners to enjoy the rewards of helping others, by first helping themselves.

After her traumatic brain and spinal cord injury that left her unable to walk, talk, and read, she endured 8 years of rehabilitation to recover, and to continue helping people develop the courage, clarity and confidence to go after their crazy-ass dreams.

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