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Interview with Rebecca T. Dickson

· Intentional Leader,Intentional Living,Interview

Becky has been a leading coach and mentor for women entrepreneurs for more than a decade. Her work is to help struggling entrepreneurs gain clarity, clients and cash. And she's created four FREE masterclasses to help coaches, mentors and healers just like you get your online businesses off the ground.

From May 1-4, she is diving into what it really takes to go from struggling to superior coach or mentor. She'll be sharing how to navigate what every woman entrepreneur struggles at some point: visibility, content, packaging, pricing, even copywriting.

Plus, there will be a live Q&A. Becky's teaching style is easy to understand, and highly-effective. (They call her the Bullshit Slayer because she has an innate ability to break down perceived complex or difficult concepts into bite-size actionable steps that get you results.)

Best of all, she does not believe - nor does she teach - the cookie-cutter methods every other coach is using. She shows you how to create your OWN body of work, rely on your instincts and passion, and show up as yourself.

The result is a much broader impact that feels good because it is true to you and your expertise.

Becky also specializes in mindset, and how your thinking can actually sabotage your efforts. Things like procrastination, perfectionism, analysis paralysis and all the "I'm not good enough yets" will be addressed. If you're brand new to business or in your first two years but struggling to get traction, you don't want to miss this.

Learn more and sign up here (this is an affiliate link).

UPDATE: The Clarity, Clients, and Cash program (CCC for short) is now open. Learn more and join here (this is an affiliate link).