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How we are fulfilling our mission to serve - COVID Recovery

· Intentional Leader

People near and dear to my heart, just like millions of strangers around the world, have fallen victims to COVID-related toxicity in their workplace, as well as domestic violence.


Each day, they withstand the pressure to carry out all their usual work responsibilities remotely, to take on additional responsibilities, and are expected to extend their availability all while being provided inadequate tools, guidance, and support required to do so - only to have their salaries drastically cut without notice.


Each day, they also shoulder the responsibilities to homeschool, care for their children 24/7, care for the household, and overall become the force that keeps it all going - mostly at the expense of their own well-being.


Each day, many of them do all of that single-handedly while walking on eggshells to void provoking violence and abuse, mainly alcohol-related by their partners who have chosen to numb their pain and drown their sorrows.


Finding themselves physically, mentally, emotionally drained, traumatized, scared, not to mention deeply disappointed, betrayed, and angry, many of those glorious beings have decided to emerge victorious instead.


Many of them have decided to create their own futures.

Some already know they have to leave and are waiting for the right moment, others already left.
Their workplace. Their relationship. Both.


So, I knew I had to do something about it. I am not a stranger to taking matters into my own hands, to making hard decisions, to making leaps of faith, and to quantum leaping towards the life I am meant to lead.


I am also not a stranger to breaking the shackles of cultural and generational programming, to escaping the dungeons of subconscious limiting beliefs and patters, and to untaming inner lionesses - my own and those of my private clients.


Yes, there is a reason my business' mission has always been, in one way or another though each of its iterations, to elevate humanity from the culture of disconnection, isolation, artificial solutions, and unmanaged stress.


To help leaders (re)connect to the infinite grace and power of their higher-self because we know this enables them to expand into limitless possibilities, create and attract new opportunities, and enjoy more quality time and a better, more fulfilling experience of their life and work.


While I am not ready yet to announce the FIRST big development that will focus on supporting those brilliant and brave beings on an individual basis, here is the SECOND one that focuses on the workforce, leadership, business owners/hip.


Having worked with and supported numerous business owners over the years - some as their employee in an integral role, some as a business owner myself, brought in as their business manager, consultant, coach - I know that losing a team member whose role in a [micro and small] business has been integral, is financially costly in a multitude of ways, under any circumstances.


It also takes a toll especially to the leaders who otherwise genuinely care about their team, and whose poor leadership in crisis was unintentional. Because let's face it - when things are good, it's easy to be a great leader, visionary business owner. When things are all but great, not so much. Nonetheless, we're all only human, feeling the same fears, pressures, uncertainties. Yes?


Inspiring intentional living, business, leadership, and impact is therefore art-meets-science of reconnecting vision + mission + strategies + tactics + mindset + spirituality (minus all the myopic thinking and arbitrary goals).


Yes, it's very holistic. And yes, there is more good news.


Now is the time to refocus, realign, reinvent to change the trajectory of the business and solidify immediate & long-term success.


Now is the time to increase harmony, impact, and high-value, lasting contributions via strategic and innovative ways that support the business AND each member of the team.


Now is the time to start assimilating to the NEW normal of our own unique vision & design, and to prepare for the resurgence of the economy in a more aligned and holistic way.


And that's why my team and I privately & strategically guide you every step of the way with our customizable, holistic, results-driven, soul-guided, forward-thinking approach... to help you take care of yourself, your people, set new standards of excellence, tap into the zone of genius, elevate your industry, solidify your reputation & client success, and maintain your competitive advantage with matter what.