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5 Guiding Principles for Rapid COVID Recovery

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many of us saw in it a new opportunity for re-connection, slowing down, as well as growth and evolution. And, with the addition of the powerful shifts in our society and elevating of the collective consciousness, it truly is time to reset, to rethink, and to reignite. Business leaders, experts, CEOs, founders are in a unique position to help amplify, magnify, and accelerate this process, and many of us (along with our teams), and wondering how to...

• create Conscious, Organized, Visionary, Intentional, Diverse future of our own design?
• prepare for and ignite the resurgence of the economy in a more aligned, inclusive, and holistic way?
• do so after the world, culture, and markets have changed?

This is why my sister Tjaša and I decided to team up.

We combine my near-10 years of experience in entrepreneurship with her 15-year career in the private sector where we both helped start, stabilize, innovate, grow, and scale business from around world, and have helped business owners create incredible results and experience multi-dimensional success.

We understand the depth and magnitude of this, and know C.O.V.I.D. recovery also involves overcoming and healing from trauma after the loss of the traditional routines and social support; the loss of good people they had to let go of/who chose to leave due to circumstances; even the profound change of each individual as their response.

We also understand that...
• while some have realized that all of the remarkable success they've built was only one-dimensional, and are now ready for more...
• ...others have woken up to the realization that what they had so devotedly created is just not quite it, and are ready for something different.
• ...and some have finally found their calling, and are finally so inspired that they want to make it sustainable.

As you can see, there is no one definite and simple answer and solution to the complexities of C.O.V.I.D. recovery.

There are, however, guiding principles behind helping our clients solve the above-mentioned problems in ways that support long-term and sustainable solutions.

5 Guiding Principles for Rapid C.O.V.I.D. Recovery

Today, we are sharing with you 5 that will help if you are looking to inspire & strategically create C.O.V.I.D. recovery, and intentional living, business, leadership, and impact:

1. Positive impact, agile business, and lasting success start at the top.
2. Empowered and productive team consists of happy people who feel safe, included, are excited about their work, in their zone, and aligned to your vision, mission, and goals.
3. Unlocking the untapped greatness and new opportunities is the first step of upgrading from a business built on Excellence to one fueled by Genius, Mission, and higher Purpose.
4. Business built to last is much more complex than what most feel comfortable with; it can be much simpler than most are capable of designing, implementing, teaching; and requires a different framework, structure, strategy, and support than what's been needed up to this point.
5. Investing in mental, emotional, spiritual, and professional development of yourself AND your team always pays of - it yields a median 750% ROI, and increases harmony, performance, productivity, and impact by 20-50%.

Whether you're experiencing particular (and unforeseen) challenges,
or are preparing for and working through a demanding project, innovation, or transformation,
or you're dealing with a personal matter that's keeping you up at night and putting a strain on your team,
we are here to help with your Rapid C.O.V.I.D. Recovery.