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The world is the right side up for you

Matt Higgins writes, "If you’ve been harboring a great idea, don’t put it on the back burner just because the world is upside down. Consider if the world is actually right side up for your dream."
I was 13 when I was first invited to play for Slovenian national basketball team. Instead of pride and excitement, I mostly felt fear and uncertainty. That only got worse when I accidentally overheard a conversation between my club teammate and our coach as they were wondering what the national team coaches could had possibly seen in me. "It must be her height, she's not that good otherwise..." they concluded.
That comment haunted me for years. Yes, it fueled my desire to prove myself, to outwork anyone on the court.
But, it also fueled my deep insecurities and imposter syndrome that would persistently follow me for many years even as I kept getting invited to play for progressively older National Team selections,
when I was elected team captain of every club team I played for,
and of the national team at the European Championship U20.
It followed me to New York City when I was invited to play NCAA D-1 basketball, and when I was named team co-captain once again.
When I saw the above-mentioned quote by one of the Shark Tank authorities, I instantly knew that I needed to write about - not only to echo his remarks, but mainly because the same doubts that have tried to hold me back on the basketball court for many years - despite and in spite of all of the achievements - are no different than the ones that some of the most remarkable leaders, experts, creatives, CEOs are facing nowadays - despite and in spite of all of the achievements.
"How do I get this? Can I really...? Who do I have to become to get there? Is it even possible in the time-frame I’m thinking of? What do I have to let go of to pave the way forward? Am I on the right path? What if I screw up?”
In fact, did you know that Sheryl Sandberg, David Bowie, Serena Williams, Tina Fey, Maya Angelou, Arianna Huffington, Lady Gaga, Sonia Sotomayor, even Tom Hanks have all admitted to have experienced this deep feeling of self-doubt?
With that said, I also need you to remember that you are a magnificent, glorious being, the source, fully able to, capable and worthy of:
1. ...turning your most vibrant and deepest desires into reality.
2. ...changing the trajectory of your business and life instantly.
3. ...upgrading from a business built on Excellence to one fueled by Genius, Mission, and higher Purpose.
4. ...stepping into the journey to your highest & most authentic expression, diving into the next-level purpose & multi-dimensional success, leaping towards the life you want & are meant to lead.
5. ...mastering the art & science of inspiring Intentional Living, Business, Leadership & Impact.
In other words: yes, you can become, have, and create everything that is important to you without compromising the things that matter to you the most!
It's just that it doesn't happen by accident...
So, let's elevate the questions and let me ask you this:
What is the life you want for yourself moving forward?
What's next?
How do you want to be in the world, what do you want to contribute?
It's time for you to align with this new energy and the deeper reason.
It's time because the world is the right side up for you. Always and in all way.