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What if receiving and being supported was safe?

Something interesting happens every time I feel called to upgrade and uplevel, and when consequently my audiences are invited to elevate and expand their vision and playing fields as well:

a percentage of people chooses to leave.


The other day, I got to have a conversation with one of them. They shared how uncomfortable it feels to see others create something that their own heart is calling for, yet their mind is putting a limit on.

Hearing themselves say this out loud created a new opportunity for them to re-evaluate and examine that statement...

It reminded me of my own hot & cold relationship with Receiving and being Supported, so I am inviting you today to contemplate something:

What if receiving & being fully supported was not weak? Nor selfish? Nor exploitative? Nor unsafe? Nor conditioned?

As mentioned, those are just a few beliefs that used to keep me spinning in the cycles, and that would ground me after every leap...

...just like some of the most accomplished, driven, highly-intelligent women who were raised to be strong, independent, and indoctrinated into the belief that their worth equals numbers on a scale, bank account, score board, report card!

What if you knew that you can uplevel instantly?
That you can live out your dreams?

What if you knew that you deserve to lead a life of your most vibrant desires and unique design?

Would you stop allowing your fears to be more important than your future?
To honor your dreams?

Because by doing so, you are showing & giving permission to your family, your clients, your team, and your community how they can do the same. To become more. To create more. To share more.