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Hate-mail and why I chose to respond

The other night, a complete stranger sent me a lengty private message filled with harted, a list of unwarranted accusations, and 17 attachments containing conspiracy theories and nationalist propaganda.

This was in response to my support of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's powerful speech (in case you have not seen it, look up her response to Rep. Yoho).
Reading it was chilling. Petrifying. Infuriating, even, so this email is deeply personal.
Just a quick look through that sender's profile (who is a woman) revealed the playbook-perfect pattern that we're witnessing with the fierce supporters of the current administration and their blunt effort of to normalize the illegal, unconstitutional, and downright Fascist actions through repetition and subtle advancements.
Calling herself a humanitarian and advocate against sex-trafficking, this particular woman keeps condoning complete objectification of women, immigrants, and POC, and that is blatantly hypocritical on a multitude of levels.
That kind of hypocrisy and double standards is what's been the signature of the administration and their supporters, and also of the Fascist regime that the USA is inching towards.
See, the systemic sexism and misogyny - which AOC is condemning and is getting a ton of fire for from,
of all people, women who downright refuse to listen the message because of the political affiliation - keep persisting and pushing the envelope ever-so-openly.
Likewise, Portland for example, is just the testing ground for how much further can they push and get away with on another front of fight for equality.
But what's so chilling, petrifying, even infuriating, is knowing that so many are completely ok with it as long as their personal freedoms and ideologies are not violated - without even realizing how unfree and manipulated they actually are.
This strategic fear-mongering has brought out all of their suppressed anger, pain, fear, and unhealed wounds that, paired with one-sided narratives, limited exposure to the world greater than their own bubble, and also downright ignorance, become a weapon of destruction.
Reading that message from last night, I could feel this woman's anger, pain, fear...
...just like that of so many people who are close to me, who are "good people", who I know love me - but in the same breath get all defensive and offended when I challenge their complacency and complicity when it comes to standing up for:

  • women's rights when they claim how much they care about their daughters;
  • Black and POC equality when they claim how much they care about their diverse friends;
  • LGBTQ inclusion when they claim how much they love their gay brother;
  • Immigrants and caging of the children when they claim how much they care about the family values and pursuit of happiness;
  • Religious freedom when they claim how much faith means to them;
  • Ban on assault weapons, right to affordable education and healthcare, etc. when they claim how invaluable every life is.
I know that this message will be liked and shared by those who already agree with me, but totally triggering, attacked, criticized, and dismissed by those who need to hear it the most.
Then, a beautiful soul asked why I even chose to give the hater any more energy and channels to share their anger?
Indeed, I sat with those questions, feeling into what the right thing to do would be. Just letting it be?
Well, staying silent, ignoring it, taking it quietly, and evoking Spiritual Bypassing felt incongruent, and here are 5 reasons why:
  • Because to say nothing is to side with the oppressor.
  • Because it's not just my personal beliefs, it's the values on which my business is built.
  • Because my friends, clients, colleagues live with this daily, I speak out for them.
  • Because as a mentor, Aquarian Leader, I get to go first, I get to show up, I get to show the way.
  • Because as Alchemist of Light, I get to transcend, transmute, and alchemize this into powerful and healing energy, and into gifts that continue to serve and uplift the humanity.
It's that simple.